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Warp Bubble Hood Ornament 1.0

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The story behind these two objects is actually a wandering chain of events that I will not bore you to tears chronicling, just suffice to say I was frreely image surfing and ended up learning a bit about art deco hood ornaments. Shown in the photo are two prints, the first one on the left and the second "better" one on the right, which I suggest are the first two in a series of hood ornaments.

What I learned about hood ornaments is that in the 1920s to 1950s, different themes were in style, all of them streaked back kto indicate speed of the vehicle. in the 1920's it was women as the theme, up to the 50's which was jet airplanes as the theme.

So I got to thinking !what does fast mean today" and I ended up with "spacecraft" most notably the technology that is currently being debated by physicists, faster than light travel, or warp drive. Surely THAT is fast! So the two designs are themed on a shhip in a warp bubble. Actually it's not a bubble in the theory, it's more of a wave of mass-energy equivalence , positive behind the ship and negative in front of it, I think. Not that I understand it, I just think it's super cool.

I think the designs are too static, not really indicative of swept-back speed as most of the Art Deco hood ornaments were, but perhaps thy make up for it in theme.

"Two weeks to Alpha Centauri - who's on board?!"


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