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Pink Gears for lady Steampunk Photo frame Decoration! 1.0

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About This File

I cannot sell stuff for various reasons, so I realized a few days ago that there is nothing wrong with making and stockpiling goods for sale later.  To that end I began designing and kranking out these gears.  I happened to have hot pink (magenta) on the spool so I thought lady's gears would be kewl for starters.

The smaller ones have weak small diameter shafts that tend to snap but the larger ones are tuff enuff.  The axle of each has an inward taper at 45 degrees, an axle rising vertically, and an outer taper at 45 degrees.  The vertical segment is of zero length on most how it worked out without realizing it.  I will have to redesign the smaller ones for strength.  This type of axle is a conversation starter because it is easily made with a 3D printer and difficult to make otherwise.

These gears are intended to be paired with a future design effort of an articulated arm.  I enjoy robotic arms and have struggled with the motor and controls of them, not really being happy with my attempts at design.  So it dawned on me to make a non-motorized arm.  The picture frame can mount on the end of the print-in-place arm and maybe up to three arms can fit in a base that gets weighted down or clamped to a table.  In this way the photos are very uniquely presented and the user and/or guest viewer can enjoy moving them about with robotic precision, all Steampunk-ish in the way it interacts and just is so kewl.  

That is for the future though, for now I am just beginning with the gears!  


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