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Atlas Titan Arm and Rifle 1.0

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About This File

This model was tested in Cura 2.3.1. To avoid printing problems, we recommend the following settings:


Layer Height: 0.1 mm

Initial Layer Height: 0.3 mm

Line Width: 0.4 mm

Wall Line Width: 0.4 mm

Outer Wall Line Width: 0.4 mm

Inner Wall(s) Line Width: 0.4 mm

Top/Bottom Line Width: 0.4 mm

Infill Line Width: 0.4 mm

Skirt/Brim Line Width: 0.4 mm

Support Line Width: 0.4 mm


Wall Thickness: 0.8 mm

Wall Line Count: 2

Top/Bottom Thickness: 0.8 mm

Top Thickness: 0.8 mm

Top Layers: 8

Bottom Thickness: 0.8 mm

Bottom Layers: 8

Top/Bottom Pattern: Lines

Outer Wall Inset: 0 mm

Compensate Wall Overlaps: Check

Compensate Outer Wall Overlaps: Check

Compensate Inner Wall Overlaps: Check

Horizontal Expansion: 0 mm

Z Seam Alignment: Shortest


Infill Density: 25%

Infill Line Distance: 3.2 mm

Infill Pattern: Grid

Infill Overlap Percentage: 10%

Infill Overlap: 0.04 mm

Skin Overlap Percentage: 5%

Skin Overlap: 0.02 mm

Infill Wipe Distance: 0.1 mm

Infill Layer Thickness: 0.1 mm

Gradual Infill Steps: 0

Infill Before Walls: Check


Enable Retraction: Check

Retraction Extra Prime Amount: 0 mm3

Retraction Minimum Travel: 0.8 mm

Maximum Retraction Count: 90

Minimum Extrusion Distance Window: 6.5 mm

Standby Temperature: 175°C

Nozzle Switch Retraction Distance: 16 mm

Nozzle Switch Retraction Speed: 20 mm/s

Nozzle Switch Retract Speed: 20 mm/s

Nozzle Switch Prime Speed: 20 mm/s


Print Speed: 60 mm/s

Infill Speed: 80 mm/s

Wall Speed: 30 mm/s

Outer Wall Speed: 30 mm/s

Inner Wall Speed: 60 mm/s

Top/Bottom Speed 15 mm/s

Support Speed: 60 mm/s

Support Infill Speed: 60 mm/s

Travel Speed: 120 mm/s

Initial Layer Speed: 15 mm/s

Initial Layer Print Speed: 15 mm/s

Initial Layer Travel Speed: 30 mm/s

Skirt/Brim Speed 15 mm/s

Maximum Z Speed: 0 mm/s


Combing Mode: All

Avoid Printed Parts when Traveling: Check

Travel Avoid Distance: 0.625 mm


Enable Print Cooling: Check

Fan Speed: 100%

Regular Fan Speed: 100%

Maximum Fan Speed: 100%

Regular/Maximum Fan Speed Threshold: 10 s

Regular Fan Speed at Height: 0.3 mm

Regular Fan Speed at Layer: 2

Minimum Layer Time: 5 s

Minimum Speed: 10 mm/s


Enable Support: Check

Support Placement: Everywhere

Support Overhang Angle: 50°

Support Pattern: Zig Zag

Connect Support ZigZags: Check

Support Density: 30 %

Support Line Distance: 1.3333 mm

Support Z Distance: 0.1 mm

Support Top Distance: 0.1 mm

Support Bottom Distance: 0.1 mm

Support X/Y Distance: 0.7 mm

Support Distance Priority: Z overrides X/Y

Minimum Support X/Y Distance: 0.2 mm

Support Stair Step Height: 0.3 mm

Support Join Distance: 2.0 mm

Support Horizontal Expansion: 0.2 mm

Use Towers: Check

Tower Diameter: 3.0 mm

Minimum Diameter: 3.0 mm

Tower Roof Angle: 65°

Build Plate Adhesion

Build Plate Adhesion Type: Brim

Skirt/Brim Minimum Length: 250 mm

Brim Width: 8.0 mm

Brim Line Count: 20

Brim Only on Outside: Check

Mesh Fixes

Union Overlapping Volumes: Check

Special Modes

Print Sequence: All at Once

Surface Mode: Normal


Extra Skin Wall Count: 0

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