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  1. So I found my problem. The thermocouple is totally loose. I can basically just pull it out. The worst part is that set screw that is supposed to clamp it in place is totally stripped. I'm a bit confused with this part of the design. Are we really just relying on that one small set screw to push down on the thermal block enough to hold everything in place?
  2. No repository of past firmwares exists? I still haven't been able to find any.
  3. So I finally got to working on this again today, and have got some interesting results. I did the water test. I created a custom material profile set the temperature to 95C and chose that profile and then went to the move material option. First of all the temperature overshoots by almost 15C pretty much every time. I let the temperature stabilize at 95C and then dropped a water droplet on it. Sure enough it boiled up and evaporated. What i have done now is basically keep increasing the temperature slowly till the PLA begins to flow nicely the way its supposed too. The number I have landed
  4. I upgraded from the shipping version from way back when the machine first came out to the very latest firmware.
  5. Thanks for the replys! Material Is definitely PLA =) The machine is also set to PLA as the material and its preset is 210C. I have done a few factory resets and even a few firmware uploads with no luck. I haven't tried the water/nozzle test yet but unfortunately I don't have an external thermocouple to do testing with. The PLA is definitely being overheated and there is some pressurization in the hotend because during the filament loading sequence at certain points it spits out PLA like a gasket just blew. I'll check the wiring underneath to see if anything does not look correct. But oth
  6. Hi All I'v been messing with an UM 2 and have been having some temperature related issues. When I run the load swap filament script the extruder gets to a point where it starts sputtering steam/smoke. The PLA is clearly caramelizing and getting too hot. It does the same thing at the beginning of a print and you can see the extrusion bubbling as it gets put onto the platform. Iv got the latest CURA and the latest firmware and at this point I'm not really sure where else to look? One thing of note is that before I upgraded the firmware It seemed to work just fine however now I'm having this
  7. Joergen do you have a none stock PEEK Baffle? The one in my machine just barely sticks up on the inside of the PEEK enough to be flush against a straight cut PFA tube. I could do the chamfering you show in your post however it would not sink around the PEEK baffle as much as it does in your pictures.
  8. PLA clogs happening at the PEEK end. Has anyone been able to find a good work around to this? Its started to become more frequent on my machine, and I have already trimmed the PFA tube twice because the end was too mangled to be reused. I'm at the point now where I will soon have to replace the PFA tube because its going to be too short. The weak point is clearly the push-to-connect fitting. Its just not able to handle the pressure that's building up while printing at high speeds.
  9. Are other people seeing quite a good amount of belt wear? Iv been cleaning little black flakes and dust off my machine quite a bit since getting it. Iv looked at the belts and you can see a bit of wear on the edges. Was wondering if others are seeing the same?
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