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  1. Thanks much that helps. So I will stick with the PLA to start and not stress it. I like the Ultimachine shop site. Does it matter if I get the 3mm or 1.75 mm? Should I get a mixture of the 2? I think I am ready now just have to wait for the box .
  2. Ok here is another question. I have seen many comments that the UM does not have a heat build platform. Do I care? If I do where do I get one. Also in some of the videos I have seen folks applying "paint" to the platform. What is it that they are applying and where do I get it. Sorry I am not the official geek of the family, but I do try to research. I think my eyes are bleeding after spending this much time on the cpu today.
  3. Thanks very much!!!! And no, no sisters here sorry lol.
  4. I am about to take the plunge and order one of these for my hubby for Xmas. Can anyone recommend accessories that I should also pre-purchase? I am thinking in terms of calipers for measurements and items that folks use to clean up their finished products. Also has anyone tried some of the plastics available from 3rd parties ie Ebay? Ultimaker seems to be out of stock on many colors. Thanks
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