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  1. Hi, I know this thread is a bit old but I am building an ultimaker-like 3D-printer. To help buying all the parts, I have laser cutted some clear acrylic frames. You can find it on ebay (search ultimaker). If you need other parts, I can cut it for you. I don't do business with my laser cutter but if it could help me to have fun with laser-cutter, 3D-printers, ...etc and help someone to build its own design for almost nothing it could be a very good thing ! Bye
  2. Hi, I am a newborn in 3D-printer world, but I think it helps me not being too bias by the existing design to find new ideas. One thing I will test soon is a compressed-air cooled extruder. I would like to be able to cool both the cold-end and the extruded layer. Using compressed-air allows the use of small tube to cool exactly where you want. It reduces the moving mass (no fan) too... The other aim using compressed-air is to be able to avoid PEEK parts because it is very expensive and a bit hard to source... I will post the results of my tests here or in the reprap forum.
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