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  1. I've tried a variety of different temperatures all with similar results. Typically I try around 230, but I've tried 250 and 190 as well to no avail. This is really troubling me as I've such a wonderful machine and no way to print much of anything... Also in terms of actual printing, whenever I do print the first few layers manage to come out all right, but then they get thinner and stop altogether after about 4 or 5 layers for a small print.
  2. I recently assembled my Ultimaker and am very exciting to get it working; however, I've been having some issues with it lately. It seems to be fairly common as well, it takes a good amount of force to extrude the PLA through the extruder head. I though at first it may have been an issue with clogging or a PLA plug forming, but after taking apart the extruder I found no obvious problems. I was wondering if anyone solved a similar issue and what they did to fix it...
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