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  1. Hi, hmm i print at 200 - 230. Perhaps it was a software failure or something like that and the temperature goes over 340 °C?! The problem is that the hole head (Alluminium block with nozzle and the brass pipe) doesn't hold on the PEEK insulator and so it fall of. Hmm i try to fit it with some PFTE tape, but i think i need an new PEEL insulator.
  2. Hi there, perhaps some can tell me if this is normal. My Peek Insulator just look like its melted, and some of the PLA is going through some holes. The Pictures should show what i mean. Thank´s for the help. http://creative-code.net/img/IMG_0560.jpg http://creative-code.net/img/IMG_0561.jpg
  3. Hi there, my name is Jörg and iam a proud ultimaker owner since a week. I life near swizz (Weil am Rhein). Just want to say Hello greetz
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