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  1. Hi Chuck, I appreciate your honesty, and if you do have any files I could use then that would be superb. If there is anyone out there who feels there machine is setup to create a decent final finish that would be mould ready then please let me know, otherwise I will look into the links that Chuck has sent. Once again I really appreciate all the help. Kind Regards, Wils.
  2. Hi Chuck, Thanks for the quick response. As these are for pilot figures then we need an average human head, a little muscle isn't a problem but not over the top. I'm a little confused, I can understand that your software is capable of rendering a high resolution file but is your printer of equal resolution? We basically want a finished head that requires no finishing and can be moulded straight away without noticeable stepping. Once again thanks for your help, if it isn't too much trouble I woudl appreciate it if you could post some images of the heads you have. Wils.
  3. Once again thanks for the useful posts, much appreciated. Unfortunately we don't have the time to work on these files ourselves, we was really hoping tht somebody might have some files that we could use for printing that don't require loads of work making them compatible. Kind Regards, Wils.
  4. Hi, They look excellent. Do you have any more heads to choose from? How stepped would the finished item be from your printer? Also can the hands be posed like the image attached? At 1/3rd scale the head would be 84mm from under chin to top of head, if you could PM me with an idea of cost that would be great. Kind Regards, Wils.
  5. Hi Chuck, Thanks for that. I'm not into 3D modelling myself, all I'm really after is a model to use for printing. As a result I don't have any 3D software so I guess I would be looking for bitmap grabs from your files so I can see the quality. Thanks, Wils.
  6. Thanks for all the help guys, we have looked around and many of the available files are of poor definition. I would like to see some of your work Chuck if the offer still stands? Thanks, Wils.
  7. i don't know whether this is the right place to post this but here goes... I'm looking for someone who can make me a 1/3rd scale head and hands for a figure project I'm making. I don't have any CAD files available so I need someone who may have access to some library files. Thanks, Wilson.
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