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  1. Daid - you were exactly correct - they were swapped around. Traded them and now it's printing. Still need to tweak but that fixed the main problem. Thanks so much!
  2. Got Ultimaker a few months ago. Setup - printed a 5 mm cube - not bad. Then updated - tried Marlin, 0026, 0034. Could not get these to work - 0026 did the moves but would not extrude. Today loaded Cura to my Win 7, 64 bit PC. Like the look and feel of it. Everything seemed to work OK - motors moving, heater good. Sliced the Gcode. Ran PrintRun - loaded the G-code - tested everything - all good. When I hit "Print" the extruder moved to the left front and kept banging into the stop switch so I got a bunch of - endstop hit errors. During the setup wizard I hit the stop switches as commanded, I th
  3. alan


    Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, the lead screw is straight - I rolled it on plate glass - it's definitely straight. I noticed, when looking down the hole over the lead screw, that the brass fitting that is the screw mount for the lead screw does not line up with the middle of the coupling over the Z-motor. The brass coupling hole is a few mm forward, which would push the lead screw forward, into the block. This could be the root of the problem. I cannot tell why this is. Any ideas?
  4. We recently finished assembly. The rear block on the X-axis is striking the lead screw that moves the platform in the Z direction. The lead screw does not seem to be bent - rotating it does not change the clearance against the back block. Viewed from above, thru the hole over the lead screw, the screw does not center under the hole but sits a little (a few mm) forward. What is the problem and what is the fix? Also, we have part 8B left over. Where does that go? Thanks.
  5. I'm new to Utilimaker. My engineering students are just finishing building the unit. I am not an engineer. I was thinking about the accuracy of the print head positioning. I see several blocks sliding over metal rods. I got to wondering if a small amount of stiction between the sliding parts could cause tiny variations in the acceleration / deceleration of the printer head, leading to very small variations in the final resting position and hence, cumulative inaccuracies. There are some new, high-tech lubricants out there which may leave no residue to accumulate, to grab dust particles and ac
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