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  1. After printing something in both Cura & RepG (a 50mmx50mm square) Cura was coming out at 49.5mm, versus RepG 50mm. Whilst I appreciate there's probably some other setting somewhere that could be adjusted, I changed the scale to 1.01, reprinted, and everything is as it should be.
  2. Backlash problems, most likely because of lose small belts. I don't get this behaviour in repG though, will check belt tension, but believe it to be good.
  3. Back again. Tried out adjusting some settings, but have run into a probelm - overlap. pink sections are the problem - green is fine - the outer overlap works, but not the inner - any ideas? Also, the seam evident in this picture: Is there a way to avoid this seam by randomizing the layer order (like netfabb does?)
  4. Excellent! Thank you! I'll update when I get back to work tomorrow & do some prints.
  5. Hi there - just started using the software & it's going pretty well. However, I would like to know what the settings for "high" and "normal" quality are. Whilst these are returning good results, there are some areas where I would like to use these settings as a base & then modify them slightly. Can anyone help? Cheers!
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