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  1. Can you explain what exactly "z blob" means? I'm reading it over and over again, but I'm failing to understand what you could possibly mean. Thanks!
  2. Hi, our Ultimaker experiences constant nozzle jams. Things which I'd really like to have answered: [*:3jlk2rj1]How are people able to extrude PLA at 190°C and even print with that? I am not able to extrude PLA unless it reaches 195°C. Is our temperature sensor off by 5-10°C? [*:3jlk2rj1]How much(less) force should be necessary in an optimal setup? Since the beginning of our Ultimaker experiences, PLA wasn't very easy to push through the extruder. How can we measure the force and how to determinate if too much pressure is needed or if it's "just right"? Thanks Felicitus
  3. I just fixed that, filament is still slipping through the feeder. Looks like I have to disassemble the head again, or try the spring screw feeder...
  4. Hi, disclaimer: I belong to echox, this is the RaumZeitLabor Ultimaker. After opening up the hotend, I've found quite a bunch of PLA stuck in there. This is the V2 hotend with that little white thing between the bowden cable and the hotend. I'm not sure what happened here, but isn't the V2 hotend supposed to fix nozzle jams? EDIT: After cleaning the hotend and retry printing, the nozzle is jammed again after no more than two minutes. It seems that the gap between the white thing and the PEEK insulator is simply too big. EDIT2: I noticed that the brass tube wasn't connecting to the white plastic thing, so it's obvious why there are blobs in the print. However, Filament is still slipping. Not sure if it's a jammed nozzle again, but I don't think so, as I can manually push the filament further if it is slipped. Printing speed is currently 70mm/s with a layer thickness of 0.3mm (due to the 0.6mm nozzle).. regards Felicitus
  5. We cleaned the head, but now the Boden Cable keeps popping out due to jam. We have some thoughts about that: - Temperature inconsistencies - the temperature of the extruder is too low, causing the filament not going through it perfectly. - The black stuff came out from the very beginning, could it be due to an assembly error? We have a second hot end, which we'll install to see if it makes any difference. However, is there any chance to calibrate the hot end?
  6. Hi, we're experiencing some black "ooze". It seems to be burned plastic - what can we do to fix that? Thanks, Felicitus
  7. The issue has gone away - so I finally have no idea what could have caused it. Probably a bad cable or something.
  8. I believe it is a manufacturing fault. In order to proove this: Which of the pins is responsible for the VCC of the backlight? Are there schematics available so I can debug prior claiming warranty?
  9. I assumed that the UltiController doesn't use 12V. Can you confirm that it really uses 12V?
  10. Clarification of "Flickering": The backlight turns off and on again in short intervals (>300ms) and sometimes stays off or on - this happens during the operation. This might be a cold soldering joint.
  11. Hi, we've just built the UltiMaker. However, after a while (about 1 hour), the display's backlight started flickering, then went dead. It seems that there's an error on the LCD, any suggestions what to do? Thanks, Felicitus
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