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  1. We're referring to the screws at the top of the hot-end, not the material feeder...Just enough pressure for a seal of the PTFE and the brass. M
  2. Hi Sander, All, I've done some experimentation and I am able to reproduce the failure on demand. I can also reproduce a remedy on demand. However, the remedy is not really practical. Current Feeder mechanism: I'm using Bertho's rolling feeder clamp design to eliminate problems caused by changing filament diameter. The filament is jamming inside the Bowden Tube - previously we dismissed the possibility of this type of friction, however the amount of friction generated is significant and is a strong function of the diameter of the spool used to coil the filament. The spool diameter shou
  3. I'm seeing the same outcome whether I use Ultimaker filament or from another supplier. Whenever filament started to grind, I would have to chop off the entire length of filament because the ground area would have a large lip on both edges where the bolt was. It was clear that the lips would rub against the PFA if it were forced into the tube. To restart I'd be using fresh filament. With the regular Ulti-feeder clamp I'd try to set it as light as possible so I'd get a reliable feed. If it started to grind again, I'd increase the pressure incrementally. That strategy didn't make a difference b
  4. Printing at 220C indicated. Just printing at the default Cura setting. When I take the temperature to around 240C the nozzle sputters a lot so I take that roughly as liquid/boiling for PLA. I tried 225C but it had the same outcome. I'm wondering if it may have something to do with the spool causing a curl on the filament thereby increasing friction on the PFA, but I have no practical solution to experiment with this. Again, any further ideas are welcome. Thanks.
  5. I'm basically running out of ideas to check, so any further possibilities would be gratefully received. M
  6. I've measured the filament many times to check. It is 2.90mm. I calculated an average variation on diameter to 0.002mm i.e - 2 micron from 10 sample points per meter, measuring x any y directions to see any sort of elliptical cross section. I was impressed at the consistency. While slightly larger than the Ultimaker filament average dia (2.88), the Ultimaker-filament showed an averaged max variation of 46micron (on diameter) per meter when calculated in the same way. This filament is also jamming in exactly the same way. I'm cleaning the V3 bolt every time I have a jam. There is no Bowden p
  7. I'm struggling with my Ultimaker. I've spent more time trying to get it to work than actually print anything useful. I'm not happy at all. Ultimaker provided me with a new PFA tube with a larger internal ID, but I'm still seeing a large amount of friction in the Bowden and Hot End to the extent that nothing I do with the feeder can overcome it. I've built Bertho's travelling feeder clamp only to realise that the principal source of friction is downstream of the feeder. I keep grinding filament and all of my printing fails. I'm not seeing any Bowden plugs in the PEEK when I disassemble the
  8. I think the Hex infills shook the thermocouple connections loose...
  9. Yes. It's happening with USB direct printing too. Short of checking that the temperature sensor connections are clean and tight is there anything else I can do?
  10. My Ulticontroller keeps going to "Sleep..." at random intervals after beginning a print. How do I wake it up? It stops a print ruining the process, sometimes 3 hours into a 8 hour print. I can't keep using the controller. I'm using board v1.5.4, Win7 Cura. I'm running the GCode direct from SDcard. Martin
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