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  1. Lowering price to $1000. If there are no takers I'll put it on Ebay. Thanks! -Michael
  2. Hello All, I've decided to sell my Ultimaker Original. It was purchased new as a kit directly from Ultimaker at Maker Faire New York 2012. All upgrades (dual extrusion kit and heated bed) are authentic Ultimaker parts - no hacking or modding. This machine was used for various printing tasks for my job. It was gently used and cared for, not abused in any way. The only reason I'm selling is because I purchased an Ultimaker 2 and I can't convince my wife that I need two 3D printers. As you probably know, print quality is shocking similar between the Original and the Ultimaker 2 despite this one being nearly 3yrs old. This one is also slightly less picky about filament. Asking $1200. That gets you the following: Ultimaker Original - Painstakingly assembled and painted orange by me. Includes the upgraded extruder. Ulticontroller - The LCD screen does have the "white spot" as is typical of the Ulticontroller. This does not effect usability (looking at the display at an angle makes the effected section readable.) Ultimaker Dual Extruder Upgrade Kit - official kit from Ultimaker (photo was taken before the heated bed kit was installed.) Ultimaker Heated Bed Kit - official kit from Ultimaker Two power supplies with US plugs, one for the machine and one for the heated bed kit (necessary when running the dual extruder upgrade with the heated bed) 1KG 3mm high quality black filament (sealed with desiccant.) Real carbon fiber rod end caps (because when you have a CNC machine and carbon fiber, why not?) Pictures can be found here The machine is located in Ohio. I'm happy to ship it anywhere in the US (at actual UPS cost, not planning to make any money on shipping.) Please let me know if you're interested or want more information. Thanks! -Michael
  3. Well, it is looking like a bad TC PCB. I'd forgotten that I had a thermocouple reader for my multimeter so I hooked it up and the TC worked perfectly. I reflowed all the solder joints on the PCB with my soldering iron and it still reads a constant 93 degrees. The LED lights up just find so I'm guessing the problem lies in the amplifier chip. I'll be contacting UM Support about a replacement this week. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hello All, I just finished assembling my Ultimaker last night and attempted to set up Cura today. I tried to run the "Checkup Wizard" but the program gets stuck on "waiting for head to cool down before temperature test" and won't proceed. This is when the head is at room temperature. The command processor shows that the thermocouple is reading 93.3 degrees. Just for fun, I ran pronterface and it showed the same thing... 93.3 degrees at room temperature. 93 degrees is also displayed by the Ultimaker controller. I heated the head up using pronterface and verified it was hot using my finger (I'm not going to recommend that) but temperature display never changed from 93 degrees. Here's what I have tired, and the results: Unhooked thermocouple = 93 Jumper in place of thermocouple = 93 Reversed thermocouple = 93 Hot thermocouple = 93 Cold thermocouple = 93 Took off PCB, heated and re-flowed each solder joint with a soldering iron then plugged it back in = 93 Wiggle all thermocouple wires = 93 degrees solid. Unplugged wire from motherboard = I don't remember exactly but i *think* it was around 180 degrees. I also triple checked the wiring and thermocouple placement and it's as Ultimaker intended. Also,the LED does light up when powered on. I left my multimeter at work so I can't yet follow Vinland's Guide http://www.vinland.com/blog/?p=138#more-138 (but will). So what do you guys think? Bad amplifier chip? Thanks in advance, -Michael
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