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  1. Hi, My name is Leigh McLoughlin, I work for Uformia who have the MeshUp project on Kickstarter and I wonder if you could help me out? I've been receiving reports about posts on forums and newsgroups, apparently in our name, and I would very much like to try to address this. It seems we have a rogue supporter who has been posting this material. Their posts are not endorsed by us. While I applaud their enthusiasm, this approach was never going to gain support - quite the opposite, as evidenced by your totally understandable reactions. We at Uformia are very excited about our new tools and I am working very hard to get news out to the community in a way that I hope fosters interest and understanding. My aim is to explain what is different about our approach, to make new friends and to answer questions. To answer the first post that I can see here, we are clearly not the first to offer mesh combining (this has been in mainstream 3D modelling packages for donkey's years!). What we are first to do is a pure volume modeller. This means that objects in our system are resolution independent and guaranteed to always be watertight. Mesh mashing is just the first step for us, out current tools already offer microstructures, CSG (booleans that always work and don't leave a horrible mess), blended CSG and morphing but the underlying system is capable of so much more. Imagine you want to make a complex multi-material object with smooth material blends. Can you do this with polygons? Can you do this with any other system? We can do it, so watch this space... To reply to the last post, yes we were at the 3D Printshow in London For an example of an object that was created with our software, I hope you got to see Neri Oxman's helmet at the Objet booth - in case you missed it, it was at the Pompidou centre in Paris for a while: http://web.media.mit.edu/~neri/site/projects/lamella/lamella.html I hope this has helped to address your concerns and makes a start at repairing any damage made by our 'wayward friend'. We are a real company and we very much want to work with you to help advance the 3D printing technology that we are all so passionate about. I would like to apologise on behalf of Uformia for the original post that sparked this all off and ask that if anyone knows of other places where this person has posted to please send me a PM. Many thanks, Leigh http://www.uformia.com
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