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  1. Sorry for the delayed response, I've been under the weather lately. Unfortunately I'm still having trouble connecting to the printer. Below is the error log from a failed print attempt:
  2. Thanks Daid, I'll try this after work. I should probably uninstall RepG and try to "remove" all bits of my Ultimaker from my PC. Should I approach it like I'm plugging it in for the first time?
  3. I just installed Cura on my PC. I had been using RepG with my Ultimaker for about a year with no problems. I decided to upgrade to Cura and upgrade to Marlin. When I run the activation wizard, it can't connect to my Ultimaker. The software runs fine, and lets me set up a model to print, but it can't connect. I've attached an image that has some of my basic driver/pc info. Please let me know if you need more information to help diagnose my problem. Thank You, Dan
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