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  1. How much material is extruded each time I press the extrude button in ver 12.12. ? What variables determine the amount of material that is extruded with each press of the Jog button? Thanks
  2. We're actually using our own geared motor on a different system but using Cura for the slicing. Is it the packing density setting that changes the extruder feed rate in the G-code? It seems that increasing the packing density setting decreases the extrusion feedrate. Is this right? Thanks
  3. Our extruder motor is spinning too fast. Changing the printing speed doesn't seem to affect the extrusion speed that much. Can you tell me what the printing speed setting actually controls? Should we be setting the travel speed down instead? Thanks
  4. The first layer of print is beautiful with an extrusion G-code feedrate of F600. Then for subsequent layers the feedrate jumps up to F1300 and extrudes too much material making all of the rest of the layers bumpy and overlapped. Can anyone tell me what Cura config value I must change to decrease the extruder feed for subsequent layers? ;LAYER:2 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 X-9.35 Y-9.35 Z0.6 F1733.3333 G1 X9.35 Y-9.35 F1300.0 E0.8789 Thanks,
  5. Can anyone explain how the G-code extrusion feedrates are calculated in Cura? How does the actual material extrusion rate (mm/sec) correlate to the G-code generated feed (for example F1200.0)? What variable in Cura changes the extrusion feedrate? Thanks in advance.
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