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  1. I like any kind of advice that involves flames, but this seems to be an excellent tip, gr5, thanks! I
  2. Well, this has taken quite some time, but I got it sorted. It turned out my nozzle was clogged quite badly. I decided to replace it and now I get quite decent prints. I will nevertheless play around with your suggestions to see how nice it can get.
  3. Thanks mnis and gr5 for your quick responses, this will keep me off the street for the rest of the week ;-) How to get a thick top layer? I can't find a specific setting in Cura for the top layer. Or do you mean to increase the top layer in the original STL file?
  4. Dear members, Lately I see my printer is having problems printing solid layers over an empty space (not sure if it had the same problem earlier). In order to analyze the problems, I followed the advise somewhere else on this forum to print a hollow cube. This is the result: This print was done at 220 C, normal speed and red filament from UM. Following tips from this forum I tried to increase speed and lower temperature, same results. I also did a test run with white filament, same result. I somehow think I'm overlooking a few options, any hints on what other solutions I should try? BTW
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