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  1. UPDATE: problem solved, I've pulled the board out (disconnected everything to barebone AM2560, loaded "blink" via Arduino IDE, held reset until it finished compiling and let go just before upload and verified the tiny orange led flashes.. Then I've loaded new version of marlin from github via Arduino IDE and everything works
  2. Hi, I have a problem with ultimaker original. After firmware update I can not connect to the board anymore and ultikontroller freezes couple of seconds after turning on the printer and stepper controllers were getting super hot ( removed on photo) is there a way to clear the board so I can reupload my old firmware? Thanks Tomas
  3. Hi, first - thanks for the excellent work on cura. I'm missing the extruder setup as well - since I've upgraded to v12 i had nonstop problems with printing until I discovered that I'm overfeeding. I would be very happy to see the feature back if possible :-).
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