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  1. Sorry for not following up on this before. The x-motor was indeed attached in the wrong order. I have no idea how I had managed to get so far without noticing.
  2. All of a sudden, my computer will just stop being able to connect to my printer. I get the "failed to establish connection with the printer" error.. However, when I plug in the ultimaker with my USB cable, I get the "ba-dum" sound from windows, and everything is plugged in (I can hear the fan running). It's strange, this will actually happen while I'm testing it. For example, while I'm doing one of the alignment runs, the block temperature will start rising, and then all of a sudden just stop. Error log: Changing monitoring state from 'Offline' to 'Detecting serial port' Serial port l
  3. So I just finished building and the made my square (which itself is of... questionable quality) and decided to just try printing the robot. However, when I start the print, the head goes all to the "right" and "front" direction and then the X-motor keeps going for a while afterwards, despite hitting the safety switch. It seems like this is considered "home" for some reason. Is there a calibration step I'm missing?
  4. Hi gr5 and Illuminati, Thanks for the advice. I took my feeder apart and tightened everything and now it's working. Especially the bolt with the spring on the side.
  5. I was using the bed leveling wizard after going through the first run wizard. After going through the 4 corners, I went ahead and tried the square printing. However, even though the temperature reading goes from RT to 220 F and the extruder motor seems to be running, no PLA is coming out. Does anyone have any ideas on why this could be?
  6. Hi, I bought mine 5 months ago, so I'd assume this problem was fixed in later shipments.
  7. Thanks, I realized that my problem was that the hook on part 11B was too small, so the wooden plate for 11A wouldn't fit in it. Time for more sanding.
  8. I'm having trouble finding instructions what I'm supposed to do to actually mount the giant wheel of polymer that I bought along with the Ultimaker. the build guide tells me where to put the reel holder plate 11A, but I don't see anything about mounting parts 11B and 11C, which I assume are used to actually hold the wheel. However, I don't see how to (safely) place the assembled component into the 11A section. Also, once I put in the reel, where should I be feeding in the plastic? I don't see really know where I should be putting in the plastic into the device.
  9. Wow. Now I feel silly, because I did see that solution in the forums already. That is exactly what it was. Time to switch up some wiring.
  10. I'm running through the setup wizard and encountering the error "please press the right X endstop" during the startup wizard. I press the button, but I'm getting no signal. I get the sense that maybe some more wiring is bad (wouldn't be the first time, because if I choose to skip this entire step, and Cura tries to connect to the printer, it gives me a "Failed to establish connection with the printer" problem. However, this makes no sense, as I've been able to update the firmware and test the temperature. Does anyone have any ideas?
  11. Wait, got it. Awesome, now it's reading 15. EDIT: to specify, I switched out the yellow/black/red wire with the green/orange/brown wire at the bottom (switch TEMP1 and TEMP2) and also switched out the 3-pin at the top. This allowed the temperature readings to take place. And now I've encountered another startup error, but I'll make a new post for it, as it is a different problem. Thanks Daid.
  12. I'm having a heck of a time trying to remove the top 3-pin. With the amount of force I'm exerting, I'm afraid of breaking it. Is there some trick to removing it that I don't know about?
  13. Hi, This is the error log: Changing monitoring state from 'Offline' to 'Detecting serial port' Serial port list: [u'COM4'] Connecting to: COM4 Connected to: Serial<id=0x33e8e30, open=True>(port='COM4', baudrate=115200, bytesize=8, parity='N', stopbits=1, timeout=1, xonxoff=False, rtscts=False, dsrdtr=False), starting monitor Changing monitoring state from 'Detecting serial port' to 'Detecting baudrate' Recv: ?np|n?6Ba8fVHj?H|Hn8]?&6dm?(M? Recv: =?j??Jl?JElz?K%ai?&_><y?6O?n6|H~?^?K5?]}?-?w??%)P<?+MJo6?F??H3H6F?J?JLG?LOH?Y??j?:&(/^ Recv: *'J?Z?z?J?z?J?J?{?8?:f
  14. This will sound strange, but how do I check that?
  15. So I just finished my ultimater and got the infamous "Recv: Error:0 Recv: : Extruder switched off. MAXTEMP triggered !" error. I've tried switching around the yellow and red wire and making sure that everything was tightly connected, but I'm still getting this error. One thing I tried was to measure the voltage between the two wires after turning on the machine. It seems like I'm not getting any voltage, even though it seems everything is plugged in (except for the two yellow and red wires). Is this normal? This is driving me crazy. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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