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  1. Hello C. Thank you for your response! I did not expect that fast and such in-depth feedback. Yes, there were some warping on this model. I will try to print a single vertical tube and see what happens. If there are no errors then the warping can be the cause of this problem. All best, D
  2. Hello dear UM community, Help needed! My colleague and I received our pre-assembled Ultimaker earlier this week for our design studio. It printed very well the first couple of tests, then yesterday the X-axis suddenly jumped 9-10mm to the left. This was printed using the latest version of Cura for Mac (via the UltiController). Then my colleague tried with a different STL and with Cura for Windows and the same thing happend (only at a different height and different lengts - 3mm off track). I'm including an image my third try (with the error happening at a different height as the
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