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  1. Yup we're completely rinsed for stock of 3mm hotends at present, expecting resupply within the week and we'll ship them as soon as we have them. You can still place your order as a preorder. Switzerland really is expensive to ship to - which is a pity. Interlink/DPD do a great low cost service all over Europe for around £15 depending on where you are for up to 30kg of stuff, but it jumps to £38 for Switzerland. FedEx is cheaper.
  2. Jonny You shouldn't need to pay a penny! (Unless you want to buy extras that exceed the £50 mark to go with your free hotend) - you can just log in, shop and checkout.
  3. Jonny You posted first, so I suppose you win! I've added £55 of credit to your E3D account - should be enough to cover the hotend, shipping and some bearings/bushings for the mount. Will be interested to see what you come up with!
  4. Chuck You'll need to add a new printed XY carriage to get it on, so not quite a bolt on and go, but no a massive overhaul either. There are some E3D-v6 mounts out there on thingiverse, but these may not fit v6 due to new smaller size of v6. This one looks like it should work quite well though. I'm happy to support the creators of the original v4/v5 mounts in creating a v6 ready mount. If anyone who has designed mounts for the previous E3D ends would like to do an update, i'm happy to get them out some free parts to support the cause. Jonny Some users, mainly 1.75mm Bowden users with relatively weak ungeared extruders had trouble with generating enough pressure for completely reliable flow. Quite a lot of 1.75mm bowden users were just fine however, the data is a little noisy, we've done testing and have had a hard time making them jam or underperform. Some extra variable somewhere. However in v6 we essentially "drilled out" the nozzles by default - you can see drawings of this on the individual nozzle pages on our site. We've also overhauled the heat-break manufacturing process for a fantastically smooth surface finish inside. This should make prior issues go away. Anon431 Not really, I'm not sure how good their heater cartridge contact is, ours might be a little bit better, I'm not sure. The thermocouple should perform well too, so all in all I see no reason not to use the stock UM block in place of the E3D block. It certainly simplifies wiring and firmware. By simplifies, it means you have to make zero wiring or firmware changes, other than running the fan wires to the UM power supply 12v rail. (Are UM2 now on 24v?) Tommy A v5 nozzle will fit on a v6 just fine, v6 nozzles are a bit better in a few areas, but your v5 nozzle will work just fine on a v6. You can also use v6 nozzles just fine on v5 and v4 hotends. All fine.
  5. Hi Guys, Just thought I'd drop in and let you know we've released our new v6 hotend, which is smaller, easier, and generally better performing. There's a 10% off promo for the first few days too. I'm particularly excited about what the 3mm bowden product means for UM users, as it carves a huge amount of bulk of the hotend by using embedded couplers. The UM mounting designs are by far some of the most polished and well thought out mounts I've seen for E3D hotends and I hope the v6 can serve to make things even better. As is always the case with E3D products, if you're having problems just get in touch. We stand behind our stuff and if it doesn't work properly we'll make it right. Everybody who has comes to us with problems through the support system gets supported into a working situation, even if that means replacements. We've had some reliability niggles in the past, we've pulled out all the stops to eliminate them from the manufacturing process in v6. You can find a blog post of all the gory details that went into v6 here: http://e3d-online.com/index.php?route=extras/blog/getblog&blog_id=21 Sanjay
  6. Hi ultimaker peeps, Really awesome to see all the very beautifully designed solutions here on this thread. You UM guys seem to all have quite a bit more knack for design than I see elsewhere, lots of curved filleted pretty solutions! I get a few people a week asking about how to mount the E3D to their machine, mainly pertaining to electronics/firmware setup. We're currently holding a competition on our own forums for the best guides and posts to do with E3D hotends. If someone were to write a guide for E3D and UM then they would stand a very good chance of winning some prize money. http://forum.e3d-online.com/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=5 Competition details: The forum is just starting out so we are looking to crowd-source some of the awesome guides and tutorials that many of you have written. Between you all, there is a fair bit of E3D experience! By way of some encouragement we are running a competition for the best 10 posts made before Midnight (GMT) on the 31st March. The rewards for the best posts as follows: Winner £75 Store Credit 2nd Place £50 Store Credit 3rd Place £30 Store Credit 4th - 10th Place £20 Store Credit The posts can be on anything, however we are particularly looking for: Assembly guides - printer specific or not Reports of prints in interesting materials - very high temperatures? Troubleshooting guides Hacks & Mods Printed Add-Ons - Carriages, mounts, ducts, etc.. Kraken-related experiences For many of you, this could be as simple as re-posting one of your existing guides here. We're looking to create a centralised knowledge-base pertaining to all things E3D.
  7. Hi guys, I haven't been as active as I would like on these forums, but I am simply strapped for time. I do read everything that gets posted here, but it seems you guys are getting on really well. If you ever do have issues I am still here looking out for you guys! Just thought I'd drop by and let you know about the status of E3D Kraken. I now have prototypes: More images here: http://imgur.com/a/8Qey0 And a video run down of the features and design here: I would love to see someone get this running on an ultimaker - and I am willing to give out free parts to someone who can show that they have the electronics to drive at least 3 extruders, as well as the ability to design mounting solutions. If you're interested do post here letting me know why you'd make a good tester.
  8. Here's and idea for you guys. Take that coupler I sent you, and pull that little elliptical collet out. You'll see that it's an injection moulded part with tiny embedded steel teeth. What happens here is that as you try and pull out the tubing, the little collet gets pulled back with it, when it's inside the body of the coupler there is a little angled ridge which compresses the little jaws of the collet to grip the tube. The whole coupler is designed around sealing and carrying gasses or liquids, but we don't care about any of that. What you should be able to do is create a hole with an appropriate ridge in the printed part mount, just pop in the collet, and do away with the rest of the coupler. I have tested this method with machined aluminium parts for a future product/update and it works well, saves a lot of space and is very neat.
  9. The assorted mounting options on here are looking really nice! Looks like you are all getting on nicely. I'm fully in approval of re-using the ultimaker aluminium block/heater/thermocouple - as long as its got an M6 thread down the middle then you're golden really. Nick Foley The thermistor is the remaining pain point i'd like to get sorted, and I really have looked into those sorts of options. However I am unable to find a nicely packaged thermistor that is rated to any sort of decent temperature (150C+). I have even asked for them to be custom made from several factories in china, but to no avail. Something like this would be lovely: http://www.vishay.com/docs/29065/ntcascw.pdf The final option we are considering is just to do our own production of a probe - by cementing the current standard thermistor into a very small socket head set screw or similar threaded object. It's just the labour of doing so is prohibitive right now.
  10. Thingster Nice suggestion there - noted. Nick Foley Sounds good - keep us updated. I am working on a section for the site where we will have some sort of compatibility grid with suggested printed adaptors where needed etc. It would be good to have a few different options for the UM crowd to mount the E3Dv5 etc to their machines. Kraken is on the way, slight delay due to a last minute optimisation that makes things a little more compact and easier to use. Unfortunately I think we may be up to 4-5 weeks away from Beta sales. I should have some pictures of my handmade prototype and CAD renders to go up soon though!
  11. Hi All, To everyone that has a pending order with us: Everything is shipping! All orders made before June 11th have shipped. Everything else is shipping over the weekend, possibly Monday for some of the very recent orders. Everyone is receiving the most up-to date hotend, which is effectively the v5 now. Many performance and ease of use tweaks have been done, but the fundamentals such as mounting dimensions, overall length etc (the things that matter for making it fit your machine) have remained identical. You will just be receiving a hotend that is lighter in weight, and has a somewhat improved thermal performance. We hope to move to a permanent state of "shipping within 1-2 days of purchase" by the end of the week. Concerning water cooled and multi-nozzle hotends Because there seems to be a bit of speculation/confusion surrounding this I am going to let the cat out of the bag. We have on the way a small prototype run of a 4 nozzled, water cooled, bowden fed hotends. We are calling this new hotend "Kraken" - A multi tentacled water borne monster! The total footprint of the hotend is only 30*40mm in XY plane, the Z height from top to tip is under 40mm, and the 4 nozzles are arranged in a rectangle only 20mm*18mm apart. The weight without electronics looks to be around 110 grams, which is barely the weight of 2x E3Dv5 hotends. Each nozzle to have separate temperature control. Each nozzle can be individually levelled and adjusted in height to be planar with the bed in a very easy and quick way. The small size and weight despite 4 nozzles is due mainly to the high efficiency of water cooling, even with only a tiny amount of water flow and a small cooling channel we still have a massive excess of cooling capacity. The second reason is a new way of mounting/gripping bowden tubes which has all the convenience and grip of pneumatic push-fit couplers, but with significantly less bulk and weight. We intend to keep the price reasonable, and below the price for buying the equivalent number of E3Dv5. But to be clear - Kraken is not a replacement for the normal v5 hotend, which will remain our main product that suits most users. The Kraken is designed purely for multi-nozzle bowden feed applications. Futhermore it is not finished! We will be shipping the majority of our beta prototyping run to trusted testers. I expect problems to occur and tweaks to be necessary. I will start a separate thread once things are ready, and the final version of Kraken will be developed in a public/interactive manner so the community can input what it wants/needs so that we can give you guys what you want. Kraken will be open-source when sold publicly. Cheers, Sanjay
  12. Trion Awesome! I think this is the first "clone" version I have seen. (I have heard of others doing, or attempting to do so, but nothing coming of it) Really nice looking machining. The version you will recieve (I think - I don't do the actual shipping) will be a slightly updated version with more fins, and less weight, as well as slightly increased chamfers all around the filament path to ensure smooth insertion and passage of filament. In general: I know I havent been super active here in the forums! Sorry. It's just a matter of being super busy. We have had a bit of a problem with being supplied out-of-spec heater cartridges by our supplier in China which has really caused a big headache for us. If anyone reading this has recieved a heater that isn't fitting right in the heater-block or isn't getting hot enough then don't fear - we are already in the process of shipping out replacements to everyone who may have been affected and I am really sorry for any problems caused. We want to be able to support the Ultimaker crowd as much as possible, and for us that means being able to supply a compatible mounting/bowden coupling solution. The festo couplings that am001 and trion are using in am001's design are really nice, but they aren't terribly cost effective and festo isn't a good fit for out supply chain. Creating a printable mount that works with our current couplers is on the list. We are experiencing some (slight) delays in shipping due to an unwell machinist, right now - unfortunately there isn't much we can do about this, but we are doing everything in our power to ship all units ASAP. Sanjay
  13. Chopmeister It's annoying as hell isn't it? It's like that because the reprap "standard" is based (albeit somewhat loosely) around Groovemount and J-Head hotends, which were designed in the USA where metric is not prevalent. Sigh. Furthermore - our dimensions deviate from the standard! Because the normal mounting method is two screws going through the body and through the groove in the top of the hotend, and biting into the hotend as they pass. Older hotends are made from peek, which is much more compliant for screws to bite into. However ours in aluminium, so we have to add some clearance to let the screws pass while still biting enough to mount securely. It's the one part about the design I don't really love. It's also the only part I don't have much of a choice in. My hope is that people will move towards the hotend having a male M8/M10 external thread, and the carriage having a female portion into which it screws. With plastic the hotend could self-tap quite happily. For machines that arent made of printed parts the use of a nice easy metric thread would be awesome too. I can dream. Rant over.
  14. KitWasHere: The thermistor is a really standard EPCOS 100K, that is available as option 1 in the default marlin firmware. No making of tables or hassle needed. Just use the default ultimaker config, but change the -1 to a 1 and you should be good to go!
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