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  1. Hey guys, I've fired up my original ultimaker for the first time in a few months and its begun to have problems. When I run the autohome function it moves fine and does everything's as its supposed too. however when I try to print/ use the bed leveling system, it seems to have problems with its power. The screen goes darker, and the machine wont operate, however every 2 or 3 seconds it suddenly flashes up (I'm guessing it builds a charge up) and the machine will operate, however it only lasts a second and then returns to becoming dark. because of this the scale seems to go down and the p
  2. I haven't even done a single print, while calibrating the head the PEEK plastic part, holding the head has melted and expanded causing the nozzle to be misaligned. It is currently about 5mm below where the Z0 should be, and has already melted 2 large holes into my perspex plate. What do I do now?
  3. Thanks Owen great help got through the calibration now should begin printing tommorow
  4. Hey I just got my Ultimaker (fully assembled& installed), looks great and I can't wait to start printing. However when I run my first scan it says to make sure all the endpoints are pressed. I've searched through both the forums and the instruction guide but couldn't find anything. Thanks for any help
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