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  1. I finished my heated bed about 3 weeks ago, and have not been able to get any ABS or PLA prints to work. I have been looking around on the internet trying to find solutions, but to no avail. I am using a mk1 heater, with a kapton covered piece of glass as my bed. I have boxed in the ultimaker with Plexiglas. those are the only changes I have made to the ultimaker. settings for abs. extruder temp=220 heated bed=100 speed=40 I thought those settings would be ok, but I could not get the ABS to stick to the bed. I set the temp to 240, and was able to print out the Ultimaker robot, but none o
  2. so I think I solved the problem. I downloaded the file from thingiverse again, and restarted Cura. I have not had the same problem again yet. if I run into the same problem, I will send the gcode out. thanks for the help
  3. I do not have an ulticontroller. I saw the pause at height option in Cura, it is turned off.
  4. I was printing some stuff out today and everything was going fine. I tried to print a keychain out that I have done many of times before, but the printer would stop after about 5 minuets into the print. when it would stop printing it would move the bed down a good 3 inches, and the head would "home" in the back right corner instead of the front left corner. I have restarted my computer and have let the printer sit turned off for a half an hour, and have reset the print settings in cura back to default. has anyone had this problem, or know what's going on and how to fix it? I have been printi
  5. I just got my printer working, and was using the silver PLA ultimaker supplied with the kit. it works flawlessly, but when I switched to a semi transparent pink color, none of my prints stay together. I tried to print the robot out using that pink PLA, and it was acting as if the material was not sticking to itself. when the print was done, the head and body of the robot just fell off. I didn't change any settings when I switched from silver to that pink color. should I of changed something? also, where do you guys buy your PLA/ABS from in the US? I was going to buy straight from ultimaker,
  6. turns out I had the x and y motors wired backwards. I measured the resistance of the switch and everything looked good, then I realized that the end stop was in the wrong spot (their diagram on the bottom was incorrect) so I switched that. ran the setup and nothing worked again. I updated the firmware, and now everything works. I am currently printing the robot. thanks so much for the help.
  7. I just finished putting my ulitmaker together, and tried to run the first run setup wizard in Cura. it asked to push one of the X-axis end stops, so I pushed it and nothing happened. so I thought I must of hit the wrong one, so I hit every end stop and still nothing happened. I though the switch might be faulty so I "hotwired" it and still no change. I have tripled checked my wiring and cant find any faults. also, it tires to move the head to the back right corner, but it doesn't stop moving after it hits the end stops, and doesn't stop until I turn it off. this is my first printer so I ha
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