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  1. Hi, Sorry forgot to add this is about an Ultimaker original. I've replaced the whole hot end. I don't think it has a PTFE coupler but it could be the teflon tube I guess? Thanks anyway
  2. Hi everybody, I'd like to ask you for your help in solving something I've been struggling with. Am I right to assume that there's some sort of leak between the peak and the brass pipe. Because it sort of looks normal at the tip then it just stretches which is also normal but then there's a big plug where it looks like it oozes between two parts. So my question is: Am I right in assuming I should check if the seal is good between the peak and the brass tube or could it be between the brass tube and the nozzle as well? Or is it something entirely different? Has anybody had the same problem, and how did you fix it BTW I've noticed the bite marks from the extruder, I'll deal with that as well. Thanks very much, Thomas
  3. Hi guys and gals, Just finished my printer and tested this model. As you can tell the model isn't perfect. I've looked around the forum and found some possible solutions but I 'd really like to hear some more experienced opinions. My guess is that the belts are not tight enough. That might explain why the infill isn't always touching the sides. Then the lines across it are probably because the temp is set to hot or the retraction isn't working. But this is all just me guessing. The top surface is really bumpy. I don't really know why it isn't as smooth as the bottom. I'd really like some help with this. Thanks, Thomas
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