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  1. Thanks for the info about the tape, I'll see what I can get in the local hardware store. But just for information: the Ether is doing it's job very well, the tape sticks as it should be, and the acrylic plate is not harmed in any way by it. It shines like a mirror :-)
  2. Thanks, will try the alcohol if I can get my hands on it. Would "ether" (Diethyl ether) do the job as well? It is used by medical people (and a lot of house holdings have it in their medical box) to remove bandage adhesive from skin.
  3. Hi, Sometimes, the blue tape comes of the acrylic build plate while printing. Not entirely, but it results in a deformed base. I didn't had this problem before, but now I have it a lot. I'm using the stock blue 3M tape. Is there a (safe) way to clean / de-grease the build platform to make sure the blue tape sticks? Thanks.
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