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  1. Hi Everybody: After trial and errors, I finally found the source --- it's the vibration caused by the snail fan underneath! Now who could've thought of that..... Thanks for all your suggestions guys!
  2. Hi gr5: I've ran a test using Pronterface, the chart is exactly the same as yours, so I guess it's not the problematic spot? Hi Robmiles: I tried the lower temp trick til the machine underextrude and the print fail...but no luck. Hi Nicolinux: I've checked and re-assembled the z-stage with z-rod connection a dozen times, they are tight and secure. Besides if the problem do relate to z-system, my re-assembling should make the rest results vary, but sadly every individual test are identical.
  3. Hi Nicolinux, I checked the filament spool, the tension needed for unrolling it is very subtle, pretty much sure it's not the reason...
  4. Thanks for the reply! I suspected that, too. So I made a test print and tuned temp from 210 down to 190, but no luck...
  5. Hi Everyone: I've encountered a rather strange problem: My print results appears to have wavy pattern along their z axis. I know it sounds like a z rod problem but I've checked more than ten times and ruled it out. Another thing about this phenomenon is that somehow it's related to print speed: It bothering me since the wavy pattern is visually noticable and to be honest very obvious...like this one: Any ideas about this guys? Any help would be much appreciated!
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