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  1. Gr5 – Sounds like a very good plan of action. A superficial check of the wiring has revealed nothing broken or loose. I have printed a new enclosure for the print-head; so I was planning on taking it apart anyway and this will be a good time to clean and check everything. This alternative wiring that goes to the print head, I was puzzled about it during construction and I still am. Just what is the purpose of the alternative wiring? I like the boiling water test! And this may be a new use for the printer; when we are not printing we could make some tea! Thank you for your feedback, very h
  2. Ultimaker and toxic fumes equals dead canary! So, do we now have to operate our Ultimakers under a hood? This morning when I was attempting to print another component for printer head upgrade, I noticed that smoke began to pour from the brass nozzle of the print head. I canceled the print and at the same time I noticed that the aluminum block with the brass nozzle was sagging a little to the right. I used my pallet knife to put slight pressure on the aluminum block and it freely came loose from the PEEK insulator. I turned the print head fan on, and the exhaust fan to remove any fumes and
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