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  1. i tested my temperature with water, and the boiling point is about 90c. and i test with the hollow pyramid, after started printing, i lowered the temperature all way down to test the limitation. the print speed is set at 40. sliced with kisslicer with retraction setting as follows: ; destring_suck = 7 ; destring_prime = 7 ; destring_min_mm = 0 ; destring_trigger_mm = 2 ; destring_speed_mm_per_s = 80 ; wipe_mm = 0 when temperature down to 140, my printer dont extrude any filament at all. and till the lowest temperature, the stringing is always there.
  2. Thank you for you diagnostic very much! 1) yes, i have two fans on left and right side of the heating block, each of them is 24v, 0.08a 40mm x 40mm. And they both work when printing. 2) i adjust my belt tension last night. the results are better than before. i test my head when shutting down the machine, it has little movement, almost still. loops on wall, it happens everywhere, i have no idea about that. maybe i'll record a video later. stringing, i'll test my temperature tonight and come back to report. yes! i set 0.3 nozzle size in cura. (sometimes 0.27 to adjust the flow)
  3. before short belt tension after short belt tension gaps not that much, still a little, much better after tension, infills are good. there's a problem of the corner, it is higher than the surface. compare between two cubes, left - untensioned(0.2 layer height), right-tensioned(0.1 layer height) bottom top side the right side cube: 1. top is better than left 2. but bottom lines are thinner 3. corners are not as good as left(i didn't record the difference of the temperature)
  4. yesterday, i got a backlash issue and still "rings" on the wall and door mostly, i think the rings are more likely come out from overhang part than vertical wall (i still got rings on vertical wall) i havnt use the secret cura yet, i'll give it a try asap.
  5. my nozzle size is 0.3 these are another verion of failed prints
  6. i use 13.06.04 my printer is ultimaker based, but the mainboard are produced by a chinese factory,they call it andciv.
  7. too many problems can anyone give a suggestion? Thanks! 0.2 layer height, 20 mm/s print speed, wall 0.9, temperature 190, retraction speed 40, retraction length 7 why there are so many rings under ears and back of the neck. and so many strings
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