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  1. Thank you illuminarti and Daid! I will your suggestions and come back to tell what happened Thanks, Karla
  2. I've been testing using Slic3r version 0.9.10b to print on Ultimaker. It was working almost as good as when using Cura, but I was getting some misplaced layers, like the printer was missing some steps, and I read in some forums it could be the slicing settings. I made a couple of changes, it got way better in my test robot, but I now have a problem when I use Slic3r with the new settings on Debian servers to slice a file. When I use the adjusted settings, Slic3r hangs on 32-bit system and causes a heap (memory) error on 64-bit. In both cases it either does not complete or eventually c
  3. Hello, I'm Karla from Brazil. I was wondering if actual printer usage can be driven by community and would like to ask some of you: How much you use your printer on an average month (in number of prints)? And how many of those prints are not designed by you? I'm not a professional designer and I usually print stuff I designed for my own project (like project boxes or spare parts). Even though you can easily find some really awesome STL files in the web, I don't print them as much and I feel like this is not the average behaviour. The number of 3D design marketplaces is skyrocketing and app
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