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  1. m/ It's working properly now. The loop wire was connecting two black wires so i just switched the green-green connector wires and now all the fans work as expected. Glad to be part of the UM user community. Fantastic support! Thanks.
  2. Ok, we just switched the connectors (above the extrusion head). The side fans seem to be connected with green-green and yellow-green wires. After switching the connectors of the left and right fan we now have the left fan working but not the right fan so at least we now know that both fans are working... they only work when connected to the yellow-green connector so there seems to be a problem with the green-green connector any ideas of what might be the problem ? Robert: We're using the UM robot and the fans start right after the first layer. Also, i did not find an option to turn on the fan
  3. Hi, We just set up our new UM2 printer here at our office and just started the UM Robot test print, however we noticed that the left fan (when you look at the printer from the front) is not working. Is that normal ? Both the right and back fans seem to be working properly. We noticed this because the nozzle movement made the robot's right hand support move around so we're guessing it's because the material did not cool down as it was supposed to.
  4. Thank you Robert! Been waiting for this for some time....
  5. Nicolinux, could you please share the manual so poor souls waiting for a UM2 can take a look? Thx
  6. Hi guys, I've ordered an UM2 and would like to start learning about it to be able to make the most of it as soon as it arrives so I was looking for the user manual. So far I haven't found it! Could someone make it available for download? Thanks
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