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  1. Some time ago I've found a solution for the issue. I'm posting it here just in case if someone else encounters it. The main issue was the fact that filament rests on a roll and takes a round shape. As a results, the friction in a bowden tube becomes pretty high and the engine pushing filament forward starts to skip back. So all you need to do to fix the issue is to remove the filament roll from holder, put it somewhere aside to give more space between roll and feeder and straighten the filament with hands. It is not very convenient procedure, though in my case it helped ideally - my UM2 stopped skip layers and now allows to print rather big prints.
  2. Hi everyone! Got my UM2 a month ago, learning how to print with it. Printed several tiny prints (like UM bot) with no issues, now learning how to print bigger parts.
  3. Hi gr5, Raising temp to 240C did not help much, here is a result: After that i've made an initial layer thickness 0.2 mm instead of 0.3 and raised temp to 250C. This time UM2 managed to get much further than last time, however after some time it started underextruding heavily. Any other ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hi gr5, The bottom layer speed is 20mm/sec, inital layer thickness is 0.3mm. UM bot settings are identical. Just in case if I missed anything, here is the whole set of my settings for the big part. I'll try to print the part at 240C for the first layer and update if it worked. Big thanks for the advise and explanation of the first layer mechanics!
  5. Dear all, I'm trying to print a rather big part, nearly 13cm in diameter, 3 cm height, PLA. However, my UM2 fails to print even the very first layer. It starts pretty much okay, but it looks like with the matter of time the plastic line becomes thinner and thinner until UM2 stops extruding at all. Temp 220C, print speed 40mm/sec, travel speed 40mm/sec, layers are 0.06mm The feeding engine at some time starts clicking and the feeding gear jumps back (probably, to avoid grinding plastic). Tried cleaning up the nozzle (by sequentual manual pushing of plastic at 220C then manual pulling at 90C), did not help. Smaller parts (size around standard Ultimaker Bot) are printed okay. Picture below, video of clicking feeder here. Any advise is highly appreciated!
  6. NachoKaoS, thanks for info. For the physical dimensions and weight you provide - is that including the package? I'm checking how can I transport it safely.
  7. Hi all, I'm choosing a 3d printer for myself and found Ultimaker 2 to be the most promising model. However, there are few qustions I havent' found answers yet. I'll appreciate if someone can assist. 1. Is it possible to pick up Ultimaker personally somewhere in EU instead of ordering delivery? Netherlands? 2. If picking it up in EU, is it possible to get a tax free? 3. What are the physical size of a printer inside a package? Weight? 4. Is it securely packed? Would be transporting printer inside package via flight safe enough for its high-prcesion mechanics? Thanks everyone in advance Sjel.
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