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  1. Hi Daid! Thanks for your comment. Well mate, I am a 3D modeller - not good at tinkering. I'd pay to have someone who knows what they are doing to set up a profile in KiSSlicer for me. Fact is, if I attempted it - I am worried that I'd push the printhead into the heat bed.... I'd either pay or offer to model some gear for someone who knows what they are doing with the UM2 and KiSS. My modelling might be worth something to someone who either can't model or can't find what they desire? I Modelled the DB5 in Skyfall plus the Merlin chopper, Thors hammer, Maleficent props, Xmen, heaps of mo
  2. Hi Guys, The black ones are painted and primed with a poor effort of sanding. It's just that I have seen better prints out there from the original UM - much smoother finishes. Some of which are sliced with KiSSlicer. I printed some of these on the UM2 at a slow 30mm/sec speed and a 0.06 resolution which still resulted in bad build lines. Frustrating as I printed my Thor Hammer from the Dark World on CURA 12 and it is as smooth as a babies bum. Perhaps it is because the helmets a spherical unlike the hammer? Is it just the newer versions of CURA? Regards, Jet Thanks for your time guys.
  3. Hi guys, I decided to fire up the UM2 after a period of disappointment with damage by supports during printing. I am not sure where I am going wrong - I am suffering from obvious build lines. No matter who is supplying the PLA. I have tried various temps - print speeds etc. These three third scale helms all suffer from nasty build lines. I am using CURA 14.04 to generate the Gcode. I'd try another slicer but, to my dismay, the other slicers do not seem to support the UM2. (sweet if you own a UM). I show these as a work in progress until I nut out the problem. Perhaps I am expecting t
  4. OK lol..... still getting used to the forum - sorry and thanks for your advice! Jet
  5. Hi Ultimaker User.... The pic of the print is in the Gallery section - this has occurred a few times now...
  6. Thanks mate! I use BRIM - but, the support was a little light. Should the nozzle tip sound like it is clipping the print? Is this normal? Regards, Jet
  7. Hi guys, When printing, after a while, the print nozzle sounds like it is clipping the print. Often, I return to find a support snapped off. The result can be seen in the gallery area. The prints look fine apart from issues with support failure. It seems to get worse the higher the print. I know this sounds like an obvious fault due to base plate not being calibrated or an out of date firmware, but I am running the latest CURA and firmware. The plate is level. Temps are at default. Belts are tight. Any ideas? Kind regards, Jet
  8. Thanks guys. Appreciate your help. Regards, Jet
  9. Hi team! I want to tap your knowledge if I may? I want to set up a security camera via wifi and hardware that would allow me to shutdown the Ultimaker2 via remote or an app. Have you guys got any recommendation? Regards, Jet
  10. Got it..... 8 ) My account had not been validated... all good Thank you
  11. Thanks. But, that's the issue- in all of my browsers, there is no upload button. Do I not have upload rights as a new member? How do I get hold of the web admin? Regards, Jet
  12. When I go to the gallery page - there is still no blue upload button to add images or start a thread. I thought I was quite savvy...... perhaps not. Any ideas? Am I the only one with this issue? Thanks for your support, Jet 8 )
  13. IRobertI, I am trying to upload to the gallery - but, there are no instructions to do so.... I've gone to the gallery page but, there are no links etc Is this because I am a new member? Can we not post images? Thanks in advance, Jet I just wanted to upload a render of what I have started printing. I modelled a piece just for my first print and the head printed last night. The body will take 22 hours..... then legs.......then tail lol
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