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  1. AWesome! I really love mass effect props( and characters)! btw, a new mass effect gaem has set to be released 2016, and i know some guys from the forums still play ME3 sometimes (including me (LennieB/CH-Lichthammer) also https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/9424-join-the-ultimaker-steam-group) Cheers!
  2. thought I'd try something new, I have seen a guy here make a cool ninja style tinkerplay. I got some filament laying around so i'd though id make... a monkey-ish-thing? my experience, it works great! I only have some general problems with support and ball shapes, but overall im quite pleased with the "tinkerplay" experience. pic: anyone else like to share their home made boinicles? Cheers!
  3. I would not believe you if I had not seen "the Grinner" of your website in earlier pages of this topic! it looks SO awesome. look at those teeth! Love it! Cheers!
  4. nice work! how did you do the resin cast? cheers!
  5. small project for yesterday: meshmixer! anyone else fancy this snipers head on a pike I should make a cast of it and make lollipops..maybe later;) ps how do i rotate images within the albums? seen as i have been out for a while all images were lost and someone decided it was a good idea to update the forum. cheers!
  6. heh, looking at the last four posts means i was sort of 50 pages behind..whops;)
  7. again... HOW! this is massively awesome! must have taken ages to print on 0.00001 layer height;) cheers!
  8. Love the print! "in other news" cant wait for fallout 4!
  9. My word! This is no ultimaker quality! this is near SLA quality! what are your setting/material etc?
  10. Hi Viralata! Does you wife have problems with her skin when she wear it? i had printed a ring but it couldnt wear it due to the bronze poisoning. cheers!
  11. hahahahahahahahahaha wow caught me off guard! I guess you know the mass effect series just a little better
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