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  1. IRobertI

    Mailing list or forum for developers?

    Just make more accounts, easy. In the mean time I'll help by adding another one ("like" that is ).
  2. IRobertI

    UM2 + build plateis not stoping at he top

    Could it be that you've installed the UM2+ Extended firmware on your printer by mistake?
  3. IRobertI

    View print steps option

    You might also need to force windows to use your dedicated GPU for Cura. You can do that in the Nvidia control panel (right click desktop -> Nvidia control panel):
  4. IRobertI

    Additional cube model printed

    Another purpose of the tower is to make sure the nozzle is fully primed which may, or may not, make a difference depending on what and how you're trying to print.
  5. IRobertI

    Printing with no infill.

    I think the closest setting that would be helpful in this sort of situation is "Hollow out object" which will make the object hollow so you can use support on the inside. For this particular model I don't think it would do much good though. But I thought I'd mention it anyways.
  6. What type of scale are we talking about here?
  7. IRobertI

    Cura not slicing.

    To make sure you're truly back to "zero" with the install, go to Help -> Show Configuration Folder. The folder containing all your personal settings for Cura will open. Close Cura and then remove everything in that folder, once that's done you can restart Cura again. This should have you back to factory defaults so to speak. This usually fixes weird issues.
  8. IRobertI

    printer export/import

    My bad. I tried something that appears to work, but not 100% sure it's reliable. I added a machine I didn't have, a Prusa in this case, I then edited the start gcode for that printer and added a word to it. I loaded a model and then saved as project. I then removed the Prusa-printer and restarted Cura. I loaded the project file, the Prusa machine was added and the unique word was present in the start gcode. So maybe a workaround?
  9. Does the button actually mechanically click? I see that you're missing the "cup" around the dial, what's up with that?
  10. IRobertI

    specific print shifts layers on same point

    During the years I've learnt to never assume things like that. It has bitten me in the arse before You could also set up a camera to record what happens to maybe get some clues. You could skip loading any filament and lower the print temp once the print is started (so as to not cook the material left in the nozzle) so you don't have to waste any material.
  11. IRobertI

    specific print shifts layers on same point

    Did you also tighten the set screws on the pulleys attached directly to the motors?
  12. IRobertI

    Ultimaker Original Plus Belt Problems

    Could you post a few pictures of what it looks like?
  13. IRobertI

    printer export/import

    It's still possible via the Manage Profiles window. Provided you're talking about slicing settings/profiles?
  14. IRobertI

    UM3 dirty/blackened first layers.

    No, you don't, but you need to do maintenance like you need to do with any tool. I bet your car was more expensive and I'm pretty sure you still have to change oil and maintain it, right? Cleaning the outside and inside of the nozzle (as well as cleaning the rest of the machine and make sure it's lubricated) is basic maintenance which will prevent this problem.
  15. Yeah, sounds like your OS install is a bit borked. What you could do which might, might, give you a clue as to what's going on is opening Event Viewer and taking a look in the Windows Logs -> Applications folder to see if there are any errors popping up. Clicking a line with a level of "Error" can sometimes give useful clues. Sounds like most of the programs have to do with graphics as well. So doing a clean install of your graphics card drivers could be a good idea.

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