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  1. Hi, sorry for the wait. Seems right to be an extrusion problem. Had time to make a few tests. Sometimes the filament stuck and is not properly transportet by the extrusion-motor. I had to lower the printingspeed to minimize the grinding of the filament how Valcrow advised. Printer is a Prusa Mendel
  2. Moin, hatte fast das selbe Problem, nur das bei mir die Schichten immer "Blöckeweise" verrutscht sind, also so alle 10 Schichten mal. Später wurde es schlimmer und ich hatte erst einen überhitzen Stepper in Verdacht. War dann aber wie Cez_etc schon vermutet hat ein loses Zahnrad. Am besten alle Zahnräder kontrollieren/festziehen und die Position mit einem Eddingstrich markieren. So sieht man auf den ersten Blick ob sich die Position des Zahnrades auf der Motorachse verändert hat.
  3. Hi, is there a known issue about the outer shell? Every piece i print looks like this: It looks like the object is printet without an outer shell... Is there some workaround or a option i have overseen?
  4. Hi, thanks for the usefull infos. I have still a lot to learn :oops: In my Firmware the possible speed for the X-Axis was to high. After i figured this out, all was perfekt.
  5. Hi, yesterday i completet my PrusaMendel_i2. I wantet to use this printer with marlin firmware and Cura, but whatever i've done, it won't work. After some research in the G-Code i found the reason: there is no option to use different speeds on the XY/Z axis. I asked some friend of mine which is working with Cura, and found out he is using an older version of Cura and there is an additional field for the z-speed. Bug or feature? Cura 13.11.2 Cura 13.03
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