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  1. Hello all! Thank you for your help, my UM works I identified 2 solder points that looked suspicious and fixed them as per your instructions and VOILA !!! I am not touching that board (cleaning the solders) now that it works but thank you for the I advice, I'll keep that in mind. Again thank you! A quick question, in desperation (and not wanting to spend €200 on a new board) I looked at alternatives and found the sainsmart 1.5.7 which sounds better than 1.5.6 (that's the novice speaking...) are they compatible? Yves
  2. Hello... ... and thank you for your much appreciated advice and help. Firmware - Yes, I selected UM1, no extruder update. Cold solder joints - I googled it, and I am going to start looking for the culprit(s) on the PCB. PCB - Looks ugly, all around the pins to the arduino it looks like it overheated and the servo connection has been used before: something was there then taken out. I wonder just how new the board was when it was shipped... I'd like to upload a photo, I just can't figure out how. Yves
  3. Hello again, I started visually inspecting the PCB, looks ok (but that might be because I don't know what I'm looking for). I took advantage of the fact that it was taken out to pull out the arduino and reflash it with the latest version of cura (since I read the flashing might not be done properly with the arduino connected on the shield). Yves
  4. Hello, Thank you for your prompt reply. I'm in Montreal, so I can source an arduino easily, but I think the bad solder is the best lead, because it would explain why by playing with the tightening strength it would go on and off (by bending ever so slightly the PCB). So, how do I go about testing the solder joints? If I cannot locate the faulty joint, is there a way to buy just the PCB without the arduino and the stepper drivers? €195 is a bit steep :( I really appreciate your help! Yves
  5. Hello, After a few happy months of printing, my UM has stopped extruding. This is not a cold extrusion prevention, all test have been done >170°. What I have checked so far: Swapped Z and extruder stepper drivers and drivers are fine. Swapped Z and extruder motors and extruder motor is fine. What I don't understand: It first happened when I put the UM on a cable. I set the UM on a table on which the power cable was running. The cable was between the motherboard's fan and the table. Since then I have moved the fan by unscrewing the 4 screws a bit, and the UM worked fine for a few run
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