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  1. I have been 3d printing for years. 90% of all my prints were with old cura. Yet i am almost unable to use this new design. Countless menus allover accessing same settings from different angles. Profile and Material and Extruder and Machine seem to be tweaking each other automatically. Print speed. Default print speed. What the hell is print speed these days ????????????????? Initial print speed. Initial layer print speed. WHOA ? Isnt it all the same thing ? (unless i am a rocket scientist, it is) Top/Bottom Thickness. Top Thickness. Top Layers. What THE HELL ??? I have no idea how to answer this riddle !!!! Wall Thickness 1.5mm (unable to change Grayed out) Wall line Count 1. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE with 0.5mm nozzle and 100% flow ?????????? MIND BLOW ! I am afraid to click anything. If i click another profile, everything becomes SCREWED UP !. Importing previously "tweaked to perfection" profiles imports a whole lot a NONSENSE ! If i created new machine and created new profile with all the tweaks i need and REALIZED i did not set correct extruder information, once i correct it, everything will change automatically and i have to go manually fix things AGAIN ! Changing one changes something else. THIS IS RIDICULOUS ! Cura gained its popularity due to simplicity and functionality. Did the team go south ? What forced such dramatic change ? Who took over Cura? Get off of it please and leave, leave very far away and never come back.
  2. You tell me. I dont see any option to import any PRINTER or SETTINGS for CURA. All i see is printing profiles (for some reasons those are material profiles)
  3. Not slicer settings (which are exported as material profiles for some reasons) I need to restore PRINTER specs like bed size and header and footer gcode i had. thanks !
  4. No its not working with 4.1 I tried and it was a big mistake. The biggest problem i am facing now is that downgrade didnt work. I cant make CURA to work after downgrading. CHEVY engineers decided to make crap movable instead of making it static on either side like it should. Floating toolbars are a nightmare for any industry. Every single reputable software i know to this day DOES NOT use floating toolbars as general rule. Exceptions are some but even those can be snapped to what ever side user wants. For example Premiere Pro. 3DS Max. Countless floating toolbars snap to what ever side pushing viewport around. But in CURA, floating menus do not push viewport. Viewport stays in the center of the window at all time, thats bad. Thats incorrect center of the view every time. It looks cool but its not practical.
  5. 😵😵 OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally stop puking when i see CURA new intuitive user interface ! Thanks man, thats it EXACTLY what i wanted. (except on the wrong side) The other cool thing to fix would be enable click>drag instead of click>select>click>drag.
  6. Where do i get that plugin ? Thanks ! DEV's seriously need to make it look more like a PROGRAM instead of mobile APP for iphone. They them selves complain about Windows 10 looking like a mobile app yet they are doing it them selves. LOL
  7. I am not a doctor but i think i cant see what the hell am doing when CURA is not in full screen. Messages stack up covering view. Entire window is a view (root problem of new UI) instead of part of it for controls etc, like 99.9% of all 3d programs in the world. Is there an option to make all those settings and tweaks on the right to permanently become part of the window and have viewport on the left (or on the right ?) Also is there an option to MOVE the model on 1st click instead of on 2nd ? Like Click and move instead of click and select and then click to move ? Because it does not move unless i click it twice. Thanks !
  8. Who would have thought ? What are GLOBAL settings then and why they are shown by default ? Thanks for a hint.
  9. When i edit settings from viewport, i set wall thickness to what ever i want, but when i manage profiles, it always shows 1mm thick. Why is that ? Why every profile i click in the profile manager shows same thing ? Why i cant create PLA or ABS profiles without #'s added to them ?
  10. I I never enabled combing mode. In fact i avoid it like fire. I created new machine FFF so that everything is at default so i wont have problems but i do instead. It seems to be linked to angle for support. Old cura would print support at 90 but new cura said it wont print at 90 so its like complete reverse or what ? At 50 default there is no need any support since that wall side is perfectly flat. Why in the world does it add tgis weird string ?
  11. I get no retraction where it is expected. Retraction minimal travel is 2mm. Looking at the picture you can see it is clearly much further than that. Any help with that ? I cant export profile to share. Option is grayed out. I tried to create new profile HOPING it would create it with what ever settings i currently have but it ended up creating new with weird settings so ..... cant really share it now can i ? I had to go thru hundreds of settings to figure out which once i dont want to see and which once i do. Not going to do it again. CFFFP_Carriage.gcode Carriage.STL
  12. That created more problems then i thought would be possible. It generates weird pieces around model.Its like 2 small pillars attached to the side. Why ? Old cura 15 does not do that.
  13. Or perhaps someone can give me a preset that has absolutely no tweak to how toolpath is generated and then i can go from there tweaking hand full of changes to make the preset i want.
  14. The discussion is simple. I want hidden options to be disabled and not influence the toolpath generation. Just because i cant see something does not mean its not there, it also does not mean it has no effect on my print. I just want them go away as if they were plugins. You know, delete the plugin, deletes the settings associated.
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