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  1. tonycstech

    Please add retraction options

    Yeah. This is as good as DLP/SLA printing these days. One software for fixing the model. Another for hollowing it (so it wont print solid object) Another to add support Another to slice And another loaded into the printer its self to print. Great !
  2. Dude Dont get me started on retraction problems. Every damn software i tried to this very day has it. Its either retracting or not retracting when you expect it. I am assuming its because people who designed these software have crappy extruders that are not capable of handling lots of extrusions like my extruder does. CURA CRAFTWARE REPETIER Simplify3D a $150 or what ? Kissliser Slicer Matter Control (a joke that uses OTHER slicer engines such as CURA and REPETIER because its own is garbage) SliceCrafter (has no retraction option whats so ever) just to name a few i tried. I am tired of this. Wish i could program my own.
  3. tonycstech

    Simplyfi 3D Coasting and Wipe issues

    Every blob is caused by dripping filament out of the nozzle when it travels from point A to point B. The drip touches the wall and it turns into a blob. Further travel=bigger blob on the wall. In your case, you have blobs outside of the model with nothing traveling to the blob area from outside. They are formed because you have excessive prime (retract 1mm prime 1.2mm maybe ?) Have a look at retraction options. If you have a half decent printer (extruder mainly, and direct drive preffered), your retraction and prime values should be the same. If you get those when you have travels from outside (such as open walls inside the printget blobs but outside walls are ok) you need to retract when you travel. (as well as making sure you dont prime too much) My printer can handle countless retractions all day long without getting jammed. I designed my own extruder for that purpose. Since most extruders cant handle too many retractions, retraction is overlooked by the slicer developers. They develop combing and all sorts of crap but dont incorporate retraction options very well. I am surprised to hear that $150 software has a problem that every free slicer has. LOL I am so happy i never purchased it.
  4. tonycstech

    2 ways to resume print from last layer

    That would be amazing. If it does that or not i dont care because i ALWAYS print from SD card. Doubt that printer would write any log in the SD card.
  5. tonycstech

    2 ways to resume print from last layer

    Yep. If you cant figure out why your car wont start in the morning, all you have to do is to go buy a new one. Hopefully it will have enough gas in it for another week, caz you might need to buy another one next week
  6. tonycstech

    Please add retraction options

    Retraction needs help. I need retraction on on every wall, inner and outer for quality reasons. I understand there is an option to [Retract before outer wall] but no option to retract before inner wall. Both walls are equally important for printing small details on the very first layer. For example: I print words on first layer having them faced down. If there is no retraction, letters are all messed up. I also understand that there is option to [Minimum travel]. This option is good and it does help, HOW EVER, i dont need such short distance travel on any fuhrer layers (except for last few that make up the shell. Especially the very top.) Need option to disable retraction on all layers except for bottom/top shells (those need retraction) Maybe there is a plugin that can help me ? By the way is there a plugin to SHOW retractions so i can see them before i start printing 8hr job ? Old CURA did show retractions. New one does not. Old Cura had plugin called Retract While Combing. It has option to retract on 1st and last layer (very good) which solves the problem partially. It does not let me chose to make it work on every layer for top/bottom shell, only for the very bottom and the very top.
  7. tonycstech

    Thoughts about the new Cura

    Change build platform anyone ? Am i the only one here who CANT use new CURA because i cant change platform size and max height for my build volume ? Or the new CURA was made only for ultimaker printers ? Thank s!
  8. tonycstech

    Can you look at a single layer in CURA?

    i dont have signature on this forum. Below is not my signature, its a complaint.
  9. tonycstech

    Can you look at a single layer in CURA?

    Not even remotely close. I switched to craftware pernanently. By the way, do you guys ever plan on fixing issue where 0.9mm high cube (for example) with layer height at 0.3mm only generates 2 layers and not 3 ?
  10. tonycstech

    Can you look at a single layer in CURA?

    will it come with exact same perimeter issue cura has,had and will have till the day i die ? You know the one where it does not retract when switching perimeters and where it wont finish entire perimter before switching to the next.
  11. I was just gonna say that same thing. Slow down to see if u get C or O
  12. WOW thats allot of work. I just print straight on the tape no sandind no alcohol. That way i can print on it many many times over without need to replace. Sounds like you suffer with adhesion problems so much that you needed to do sandind and alcohol. If i apply alcohol to my tape, i wont be able to remove part without tearing off the tape. Increase temperature of the nozzle. I assume u print PLA
  13. U print small parts on blue tape ? Tape #2090 inside the roll ? It needs to be cold bed. Try increasing nozzle temp by 5
  14. Helps does not equal solve. Don't waste time and filament. Cura was designed to work with ultimaker and this problem is not obvious for ultimaker nozzle unless u have different printer like u and me. Completing entire perimeter before jumping to the next and retracting before jump is your ONLY solution. Cura simply can't do it. Its retraction is distance based. Dude. I could write a book on this issue, just do what I told u. Everyone else will give u workarounds such as clue or abs juice and clearance temp ets,all of those help but not fix anything.
  15. Don't waste time. I wasted years. Problem is in the core of cura. It does not retract when jumping from one perimeter to another. Print with craftware.

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