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  1. I I never enabled combing mode. In fact i avoid it like fire. I created new machine FFF so that everything is at default so i wont have problems but i do instead. It seems to be linked to angle for support. Old cura would print support at 90 but new cura said it wont print at 90 so its like complete reverse or what ? At 50 default there is no need any support since that wall side is perfectly flat. Why in the world does it add tgis weird string ?
  2. I get no retraction where it is expected. Retraction minimal travel is 2mm. Looking at the picture you can see it is clearly much further than that. Any help with that ? I cant export profile to share. Option is grayed out. I tried to create new profile HOPING it would create it with what ever settings i currently have but it ended up creating new with weird settings so ..... cant really share it now can i ? I had to go thru hundreds of settings to figure out which once i dont want to see and which once i do. Not going to do it again. CFFFP_Carriage.gcode Carriage.STL
  3. That created more problems then i thought would be possible. It generates weird pieces around model.Its like 2 small pillars attached to the side. Why ? Old cura 15 does not do that.
  4. Or perhaps someone can give me a preset that has absolutely no tweak to how toolpath is generated and then i can go from there tweaking hand full of changes to make the preset i want.
  5. The discussion is simple. I want hidden options to be disabled and not influence the toolpath generation. Just because i cant see something does not mean its not there, it also does not mean it has no effect on my print. I just want them go away as if they were plugins. You know, delete the plugin, deletes the settings associated.
  6. I had same problem with my printer. It turned out to be the belt. I was messing around with the belt and i accidentally had it go over the edge of the spool which changed its turn radius/steps what ever you call it. My models were stretched in Y axis caz thats where i was messing with the belt. Check yours.
  7. Aside from build volume and nozzle diameter, fundamental settings for printing would be 1.nozzle temp 2 bed temp 3. layer hieght 4. print speed 5. On OFF Support 6. On OFF Raft/Brim (only use skirt to extrude material before start) Thats it. Everything else are TWEAKS such as 1. nozzle Temperature changes 2. bed temp changes 3. adaptive layer height 4 .1st layer speed, last layer etc. 5. support types they infill parameters for support 6. Raft/Brim parameters I did not mention retraction because retraction because it could be under tweaks set to 0 for no retraction. With old cura i would not have to google "what does this option mean" when every option was kinda obvious. Explanation in the menu helps but not giving you any visualization of how it effects the print. Craftware gives you visual feedback on cnahge you make in slicer before you even slice.
  8. No no no. You are throwing fundamental print settings into the same pool with tweaks. Print speed, temperature, infill, support and retraction are fundamental settings. Everything else are tweaks. It would be great to have those tweaks are plugin files in Cura installation folder so that user can remove unwanted once. It would also be great (for the lack of above) to be able to disable and create your own category of tweaks VS jumping from one to another. I would have 5-10 tweak parameters on the screen that would be enough to work with any plastic with any printer any model.
  9. Have you ever taken car transmission apart and put it together ? After doing so, driving is not the same anymore. You will have gears rotating in your head imagining the processes inside. You will become what is known as "gear head" After doing so, modes such as "sport" are nonsense because you know the mechanics. My problem with recommended settings is exactly the same as "sport" mode. For that reason i hate automatic transmissions. They shift gears when they want, not when you want. Sometimes not even when you expect.
  10. Cant do it knowing there are options that effect the print in ways i am not aware of. Old cura had few fundamental settings and everything else was controlled by plugins created by the community. Any problem could be addressed and resolved with plugins. Now all possible plugins are hard coded into the engine making the engine cluttered. If there were fewer settings and all the extreme settings are plugins, i would be able to remove unwanted plugins from the list but i cant. Cura gained its popularity for its simplicity in settings, simple user interface and plugin capability. Today its cluttered, confusing piece of junk. Went back to Cura 15 again 😞
  11. i cant start simple if there are 100's of options. cura 15 had like 5 options to change the print. Layer height, infill percentage, bed temperature ad support. Now there are hundreds of options per option and they are not even organized that well. I dont understand the "quality" group for example. Support has allot to do with quality yet its not there. Reason for so many groups and they lack of order is because options are organized based on what they do instead of based on how user sets up the print job. For example, basic settings such as layer height and temp and speed should be grouped into BASIC category because they are the foundation of the print result. Everything else is tweaks and they can be broken down in groups according to their functionality.
  12. Can someone answer my question ? How to disable options ? Leave them blank or with 0 ?
  13. I love the optimize wall printing order feature for CURA 4 but i hate cura 4 on way too many levels to even consider it in any way since it was getting worse and more confusing and complex with every passing release. So i use last old version of cura before it went to hell and i was wondering if a plugin that prints entire wall at once exists for old cura ? thanks !
  14. Cura 4 has so many options its absurd. I dont understand what value or no value will disable the parameter. I sit there for hour trying to understand what each does and uncheck the boxes of 95% of them so i dont have to see them. When options are not visible, does that mean they are disabled ? Options that make me confused layer height and number of top/bottom layers dont seem to effect each other in any logical way. Since i know how many layers height will result, i dont want to see the option for layer count. Thats just one example. Speed settings is also confusing. Some speed values are automatically set half of print speed. If i hide them, will they be ignored ? Leaving anything blank seems to give errors instead of ignoring it. I tried to remove retraction limit by setting it to 0 and i got error so i had to leave it at 99. Confusing....
  15. I cannot change infill pattern, i have reasons. For that, #1 #2 are not even options. #3 combing produces unwanted motion i do not need. #4 same combing. I avoid it at all costs. So really the solution is to add minimum travel before retraction for infill independent fro the rest of the model. Everything else is a patch on a bleeding wound. When was the " Optimize Wall Printing " introduced ? It forces me to switch to cura 4 fro cura 15. is there a plugin for cura 15 that adds that feature ? I really dont like the new "mobile phone looking" UI but i am forced to switch for Optimize Wall Printing. thanks !
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