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  1. thanks a lot for the fast answer Daid! but is there a more detailed description somewhere? The cura-manual does not mention this possibility, as far as i know/scanned the content :???: for example concerning the following questions: - which file/exe would i have to address? -how would the console-code look like? what is the output-filename for? the generated gcode?
  2. hi guys and first of all: happy new year! here's my problem in one short sentence: i'd like to start the print of a simple ball via a button on a website. for this i thought of running a little program on the server after having recieved the information ("button clicked") from the website. the program should manage to start the 3D-print of the "ball.STL" automatically. this means i'd have to give cura all the print-parameters and information with some (console-?)commands. unfortunately i'm barely familiar with the functions of cura and to be honest i've no idea what kind of programming ist required to start other programms like cura with a self-written programm. i've heard something about batch-files...? in a nutshell: is there a way to run cura and its functions without the GUI? like a console-input... (i coulnd't find a topic refering to something like that) any ideas/information? thanks,danke,grazie,merci... markus
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