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  1. This is not related to the original purpose of the thread but how can I solder the stepper fan back? The connectors seem to be hidden inside the plastic duct. Also it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could post a picture of what a normal one looks like.
  2. Ok I will solder it tonight. The ultimaker can print upside down!?!
  3. Ok I solved it. The problem was that a price of plastic got wedged in the bottom Z endstop because of that the printer had an idea to start printing right away instead of going to the right location. Thank you or all your help
  4. The stepper fan jostled lose while I was carrying it here and the wires snapped on the fan end, I will solder them back this weekend when I have a chance. I will not do anything longer than 5 minutes until I fix it.
  5. I have the original Ultimaker, but this wasn't my first print I have had the printer for a few weeks. I was at school when it happened, I finally had not had a problem with it long enough that I thought I could just let it run (stupid roll of plastic). I have cycled the power about to upload a video showing what happens.
  6. This is my first post on the forums BTW So last night I was printing a vase and my roll of PLA got twisted and it never completed it. In the morning when I tried to print it again, it printed right next to the end stops and kept bumping into them (no matter where I put it on cura). Any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it. (Will post video later) Sidenote: When I try to manually control the Z axis it does not want to go down. Thank you for your time
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