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  1. I didn't see any files in your link... Anyone else?
  2. I am trying to restore the SD card that came with my ultimaker2 to factory default as far as replacing the original files that were on the drive when I received it.Off the top of my head there was the robot file, earring, tetra something or another.... If anyone has these files and can share i would greatly appreciate it. Jokymo
  3. Sorry for late response, but the printer is sold. thank you for your interest.
  4. http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/gallery/album/695-um2-wa-usa/ I have it all boxed back up again just like i received it from makershed. I have a few pictures on my phone i can upload when i get a chance.
  5. Im selling my Ultimaker2 to pursue a new passion, hardly got used, the parts i bought the machine to make came out very good after some fine tuning. I've double checked all belts, pulleys, and set screws and tightened everything up. All axis are clean and oiled. Comes with everything including 2 rolls of clear, 1x white, 1x green, 1x black. All filaments has been used and not sure how much is still left beside one untouched roll of clear. This machine is still in new condition. Currently boxed back up and waiting to be put back to work!
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