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  1. thanks for the answers. I will have to debug and study the situation Talking about the Ulticontroller menu, I do have one more menu voice NOT explained in the WIKI (http://wiki.ultimaker.com/UltiController#Restore_failsafe) named: "Switch Power OFF" inside the menu "Prepare" What is this option for? I did try to change it, but I didn't notice any change. G.
  2. I just bought the printer, it's 5 days old. It was working perfectly before the Jumper FIX. It was getting elettricity from the AC Adapter and everything was going fine. Something got messed up, but I don't know what ... :-/ I discharged (like always) my body to avoid electrostatic currents. I didn't touch any other cable. I did get back on the jumper setting to see if it was the jumper. Is it possible to lock the power switch from the Ulticontroller? There are options inside the ulticontroller, now i'm not at home, I will check later. Thanks for your help by the way! ;=) G
  3. To get a clear answer to the POST question, I just printed a cube of 1x1x1cm from Cura, and it came out with the right scale, so the jumper settings I assume solved the problem. Thanks a lot
  4. :-(( with the AC Adapter the printer Blue LED and the Ulticontroller are not switching ON anymore, but the circuit FAN and the circuit LED are ON. and because via USB it's seems to work everything, I launched a test with USB + AC Adapter together connected. I runned a bed levelling wizard with Cura, and it work fine, even the ulticontroller it work fine, BUT in the moment I disconnect the USB cable, the ulticontroller go OFF, and the blue led on top of the extruder too. Another problem to solve ... somebody can help me out?
  5. Ok, this is what I have done: - I did Switch off and unplug the printer - I removed the fan wooden plate - I toke a look on my jumper settings that was: 1-2-3 --> OFF-ON-ON --> no setting correspond to this combination :-/ - I did move the jumper settings like you suggested: 1-2-3 --> ON-ON-OFF --> 1/8 of speed if I remember well - I did switch back on the printer AND the printer Ulticontroller and the Extruder Blu Led are not working anymore. ... really don't know what happened so, I did try to go back to the old configuration, OFF-ON-ON, nothing ... still not working. - The green led on the circuit board it work fine, it's on, but the ulticontroller won't work - I did try to connect the printer VIA USB and the ultiController work ! ... weird, I'm confused. Any suggestion? :-/ Thanks G.
  6. I don't know why, all my object show perfectly 100% scale on all axis, but when I export on the SD card and then print on the Ultimaker Original, all the prints get stretched on the Z axis, becoming taller by 200%. I solved it with a work around, scaling all the objects by 50% (0.5 on Z) but there is something wrong that I want to solve. Is somebody there that can help me out? Cheers G.
  7. Well :???: My little small black gear BROKE! And I did the same scary move of you ... and it broke, now i'm waiting for the Ultimaker Support answer, to know if I can order this spare part. I strongly advice to push gradually with a tool that let you do so (if you have it), I intend a tool with a torch that let you apply a force slowly and gently. An advice for people in the future. Somebody knows if is possible to reorder the small black gear? G.
  8. Ciao a tutti!! Anch'io sono a roma, ci si potrebbe mettere in contatto. Ho quasi finito di montare la Ultimaker 1, ma ho rotto un pezzo e sto rosikando come non ti dico. Ah proposito, qualcuno mi puo' aiutare forse: ho rotto l'unico ingranaggio nero plastica "piccolo", che va ad inserirsi sull'asse del motore che fornisce/carica il filamento. Ho contattato il support di Ultimaker mandandogli un ticket, ma è passato un giorno ed ancora non mi hanno contattato (non vedo l'ora che si facciano sentire). Qualcuno ha avuto la mia stessa esperienza? In quanto tempo ha risolto? Vi hanno risposto subito? Quanto vi hanno fatto pagare il pezzo? Nel negozio online non ho visto il pezzo (l'ingranaggio). Soluzioni alternative: - farsi stampare il pezzo da una pesona che ha una stampante 3D, il fatto è che deve essere preciso al millimetro! Anzi al mezzo-millimetro. Cmq, un gran saluto a tutti G.
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