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  1. nic

    SD card

    Thank Vag, gr5, I did move the serial cables around, reconnected, seperate them.. but no luck.... I have the original UM card as well as a makerbot sd card and another one.. all working on the other printer. I also reformat to see if it will change.. nope.. and it's not a filename issue either...no special character.. a.gcode or bldg11.gcode lead to the same results.... any idea to troubleshoot ? I guess I need to find extra serial cables/ ask UM to send me new one Did I mention it used to work before cheers, Nic
  2. nic

    SD card

    I have the same problem as Vag.. Did you solved your problem ? I have UM1 , original 2gb card or any other sd cards. It say's card inserted , but then it the menu it says no card... it is of course a .gcode extension.. same card will work and read on the replicator2x I tried with cura 14.01 and back to cura 13.11.2 both in cura and firmware. any suggestions ? Cheers, Nic
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