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  1. From day 1 my UM2 didn't seem, right, I have had ALOT of help form fellow forum members on my old account and direct support but it just riddled with problems e.g. the filament motor unit housing was completely undone (either in shipping or construction). Recently my printer, just died, outright, the motors made a horrible grinding sound and just stopped, from this point on I had given up on my UM and just took it as a fatly unit. Even when I did manage to get it working the printer would normally stop halfway though or produce prints with quality similar to a €400 printer from maplins. I'd spend more time getting the printer to work than printing, and after each print I'd have to fix it. But seeing recent videos on the UM2 such as the brand new video from LTT, just really annoyed me that my printer was utterly use less. Basically my question: Was mine just a faulty unit and your UMs are fine and I should invest in the new extended? EDIT: Looks like even the printer LLT got sent by Ultimaker has tonnes of problems, I'm seeing a recurring theme.
  2. Hi, I have been printing lots of small and large objects on my UM2 recently and it occurred to me that the Firmware is solid and works perfectly for me, however there was one thing I thought could be improved. For example I love how during a print it gives you a time estimate which is SO useful, however id love to see a layer count, so current layer/total layers, it would give a more accurate time estimate for the user. It could be implemented by having the time estimate toggle between time and layer every few seconds. Just an idea but I think it would be a great improvement. Thank you.
  3. Hi I am having issues where on the first layer it will print the model well, however when going over to do the support it rushes it and the plastic dose not even touch the build plate and get carried away with the print head, I'm using the UM2 with PLA normal quality speed as when I use my own settings it never works . Dose anyone have any tips to help it stick or make it do the support slower? When I do normal prints with no support it works perfectly.
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