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  1. Hi Daid! Great software you are developing! I see bright future! I have been testing with RC3 now. Bottom layer travel speed: A general problem with cura that the bottom layer travel speed should be adjustable. What i notice is that the printhead is pulling the filament off the bed while it is moving to a different place on the first layer. Support structure: I really like that the lines support structure is there. I am printing with PLA but the support is still sticking to the model a lot even though i put Z distance to 0.3 with 1.75 nozzle and layer thickness 0.2 you would expect it so be separating easily. Would it be possible to add some fluff to the last support layers? Or decrease the flow maybe? Printer connection: I have 3d Builder. When I start printing it hangs in the printing dialog on detecting baudrate. it does show the correct temperature. I edited the code so the print button would be enabled all the time anyway (in the updatebuttons blabla function). Now, when i click it, the connection works and i can print. When I cancel a print the head stays in the last spot. It stays hot so i get a meltdown of my printed part. The printhead doesnt move home. In pause state it would be nice if the head would move upwards for about 15mm. Love to test your latest updates again! Cheers!
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