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  1. Thanks for your quick reply, you are right it is this fan making the noise, however it certainly wasn't running when we first switched it on, if that is the case then problem solved I guess but why does the fan run when nothing is printing/getting hot? Oggie
  2. Morning all, Unpacked my new UM2 this week and have been pleased with the overall quality of the prints and the progress being made, however after printing a test file for a few hours I came back to find it had finished the print fine but the electronics fan was running flat out and has not stopped since regardless of if it's just been switched on in the morning or been running all day. Faulty temp sensor or possibly faulty wiring? Thanks in advance, Oggie
  3. Hello from sunny England! I recently decided to finally buy an Ultimaker 2 having paid for my printing to be done by various companies over the years. The printer will be used for printing some of my designs (design engineer by day, product designer by night), but I will probably also advertise it on websites such as 3dhubs.com, to keep it from gathering dust in my downtime. Which got me thinking, what do the Ultimaker members use their printers for? Work, hobbies, toys? Oggie
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