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  1. I'm trying to narrow down what's causing this phenomena. When I try to print cylinders 6 mm in diameter there are terrible edges (not the bottom one or messup at the top) and I'm not sure what's causing them. The edges run the whole length of the cylinder. Has anyone seen this before? My xyz acceleration is 500 mm/s^2 (all belt driven axes) and I have my extruder acceleration set at 500 mm/s^2. Is this in Cura or an acceleration issue or some other type of issue? Jerk is set at 10 for all axes. I'm using 14.03 Test 2, thanks for the help. Here's a pic:
  2. The layer view is showing vertical lines, but I'm not getting the desired retraction. I've printed my cailbration object again with green PLA now and it seems I'm getting the same artifacts. It's a string attached to a blob of filament and it's every layer. I'm now wondering if it's a limitation on my PG035L motor or not. I will try some testing of the retraction with a different motor.
  3. Thanks for the info. I first started with 0.5mm retraction and 20 mm/s retraction speed, but I think I had the minimal extrusion before retraction set to a small value of 0.02mm in all tests (default value I think?). I will do some more testing later with modifying this parameter. I know Cura gives an explanation of "minimal extrusion before retraction," but I'm still a little confused by what it actually means? By changing this value to 0, won't it make the problem worse since the extruder won't be extruding or maybe I have that backwards?
  4. I've noticed there isn't an equivalent "small perimeter" speed setting in Cura like Slicer has, unless I'm missing something. I'm printing a calibration print that is a plate with 4 cylinders and a cube on it. Cura seems to want to use the infill speed as the speed at which it will print these interior perimeters, which is too fast for them. Is there a way to change that? Here's the print I'm doing: Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the tips. i've been printing at 0.3 mm height because I found my hot end is dragging the print too much at lower heights. Do you think this is a result of wrong Z steps/mm calibration? Though my calibration cube was within 0.01" of the true height. I have a belt driven z-axis but I have the belts taut and they don't appear to ever drop.
  6. Here some pics of the acutal print I did: For the most part it looks pretty good. PLA just got thin around the area by the hole and doesn't align very well. Picture doesn't show it the best.
  7. Thanks for the fast response and help! I apologize for the confusion. I mistakenly wrote motor mount. I meant one of the top 3 frame mounts for the 15 mm extrusion. I've uploaded an image of the layer output and an image of the layers up to the point of the problem. i have an arrow showing the location. I will post a pic of the actual print when I get home and add it to this post. it looks like it should print fine based on the layers. My printer is an ordbot hadron. I'm using wild bills PG35L extruder from thingverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24992%C2%A0%C2%A0 I usually save the gcode and import it into repeteir-host since I use repeteir firmware. I will post my settings with the extra pic when I get them. Thanks again!
  8. I really like the quality of Cura prints but I have been having troubles with holes that are close to 3-sided edges. I'm trying to print one of the top motor mounts for the mini-kossel and the layered toolpath looks fine in Cura, but it's not in the actual print. Trying to figure out what the issue is. If you look in the lower left hand corner of the Kossel "foot", there is a region next to the hole where it gets printed independently and ends up misaligned with the bottom of the foot below the hole. When printing above the hole it corrects itself and the top half is in alignment. Would this be an extruder issue or extrusion setting issue, or combination thereof? Thanks for the help!! I don't know how to post pics since this is my first post.
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