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  1. Ah, okay, I see... thanks, that eases my mind a bit. More funds for funner things in that case. Is there anything you think would be a good idea to purchase with the order, to save on shipping cost? Nozzle for example? You mentioned that it has a custom nozzle assembly, not sure if that means the nozzle is unique. I have seen UM1 nozzles listed elsewhere for about $5.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I was definitely concerned as to whether it would be covered, since it is a niche market. I called Squaretrade customer support several different times just to be sure. The 3 different reps I spoke to spoke to their supervisor and assured me that it would be covered. I also informed the reps that there is no service center that would be capable of fixing it, and that only the manufacturer would be able to do so, or provide parts. Originally, the first rep I spoke to told me that in the event that it required service they'd send a technician out to repair it, which is when I made sure to be clear to the fact that that wouldn't be possible. She told me in that case they would either have it shipped to the manufacturer, or reimburse me up to the full purchase price. I have three Squaretrade warranties. One of which is for a 65" TV that actually did require repair. They sent someone out the next day to repair it, which was surprising. Very quick service. Now, that being said, they were all too quick to try to sell me the warranty for the printer when I called about it... so I'd actually plan to speak to a supervisor and get it in writing / email that it would be covered. I'm grateful that my TV was so easy to take care of, but I've read horror stories as well with them. But really, this would be my first 3D printer, so I wasn't sure if it would really be needed. I mean, I don't know what faults could possibly arise. $260 is not much when shipping alone would be $90+. At the same time, I've been reading throughout this forum, and I can't really foresee anything malfunctioning. Do extruders fail? i could see that as being a bit pricey, where the cost of the warranty would already be justified.
  3. Hello all, I'm planning on purchasing a UM2 soon (I'm just on the fence, and need a push - the lead time is a bit of a concern), and was wondering if you guys have an opinion as to whether it would be worth purchasing a third party warranty (Squaretrade) for the UM2. The warranty for 3 years would be about $260. It SHOULD cover the cost of shipping if there's a need for repair. Does Ultimaker even offer repair service if the printer needs out of warranty repair? Is it likely that I would even need to have it repaired? $260 could buy a decent amount of filament, but if there's a chance that I may need to have the printer fixed, it'll cost a hell of a lot more considering shipping and whatnot. I live in the U.S. by the way (California). Thanks in advance for any opinions / insight.
  4. So if I order today, I should expect it within 8 weeks? I was going to order from Makershed, but it looks like they've increased their price from $2600 to $2999 in anticipation of their stock. Very annoyed at that. Also, can anyone tell me if I'd have to pay duties, and what they would be? I've not ordered anything at this price from overseas. Thank you, Alex
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