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  1. As clearly explained in the responses, it does not seem to be Cura's fault but rather the firmware. Therefor I have corrected the title claiming it was Cura's fault, which can be considered false and (probably unintentionally) misleading.
  2. I understand. Obviously we can't extend such a compensation or offer indefinitely and at some point it ends. Wherever that line is, it is always unfortunate for those just on the other side of it. I'll send you a DM to follow up.
  3. wow, happy that you managed to get it to install. I will share this experience with the development team. Without logs or data there is only a limited amount of things we can do, but it is still good to share. Our apologies for the inconvenience. By the way, what was the final conclusion.. did you get an R1 or R2?
  4. Thank you for your response. I guess we're saying the same. Perhaps my framework of drawing the line between R1 and R2 left some room for R1 machines sold later, which would still qualify for a sale without a misconception of receiving an aluminum build plate. Which seems to be correct, since you mention in your first post you just stumbled upon this topic. Please let me know if I am seeing this wrong and we can obviously look towards a resolution. Have a great day,
  5. Well, joke or not it is the most obvious differentiator. If you have a robot it is R1, if it has a U it is R2.
  6. That is not entirely correct I think. It mostly depends on if you buy an Ultimaker S5 R1 or R2, which was released early this year. The rational is that we wanted to compensate our users who bought an Ultimaker S5 with the promise of the aluminum bed. Obviously, as soon as it became painfully clear we weren't going to be able to realise that we removed it from all marketing assets. So everyone has an accurate understanding of what it is they are buying. When we Ultimaker S5 R2 was released, some time passed where it was stripped from all marketing assets so we felt the compensation was no long
  7. ah, I thought it was about the overhangs. Not sure I even read the title, lol. Is it always at the same location? In that case I would check if the Z rod is not dirty or if there is anything that prevents a smooth motion.
  8. It is quite unique that it fell down completely. I recommend you get in touch with your reseller. It looks like the slider blocks that usually hold the axles came loose and lost grip. This can happen when the inside of the chamber collects too much heat, or when they have a production/material error and they break. If the latter even happens, it is usually only one. So all 4 breaking is quite unique. Unless you enclosed the entire frame, in that case I recommend you to be careful and be cautious of the internal temperature. Anyway, a reseller should be able to provide you with new slider block
  9. Thank you for sending those over! Let's not loose our sanity and look at each individually. Besides Jman15x there are also other users who have issues, but luckily there are plenty more users who have 0 issues and couldn't be happier. I rather focus on that, and help you join that side as soon as possible! 🙂
  10. Hi @Jman15x, Thank you for your message and putting the effort to collect all error messages and the links to the articles. I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with your Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. When updating to a new firmware version triggers more error messages, it is not necessarily that the firmware is faulty. Sometimes error detection becomes more refined, which detects 'errors' that previously went undetected. Not to say that it renders your product immediately as broken, but it should help to pinpoint which areas might be performing sub-optimal.
  11. Hi @AHG, thank you for your message. Does it need to be printed vertically, or could they also be placed flat on the build plate? That would make things a lot easier! In its current shape, on the bottom of the disc you are dealing with an overhang and heat/cooling issues. The heat that is radiating from the build plate is keeping the filament from solidifying, and so are the layers that are printed on top of it with a hot nozzle before the previous layer has had a time to cool down. Have you tried printing a few discs at the same time with some decent space in between so the head travels
  12. Hi @VerveDesign, thank you for your message. We would need to see your log files to determine what is causing this bug. Obviously this is not intended behaviour. I would like to ask if you can share your log files with our product experts via this link: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/requests/new You can get the log files via Settings > Maintenance > Diagnostics > Save log files to USB. I have informed our experts and they are waiting for your files. Thanks again and our apologies for the inconvenience of this rocky start!
  13. Are your printers hosting a larger group of printers, or is it a single unit? Are you on the latest firmware version? I believe a version of 3 ago we made quite an improvement towards better connectivity.
  14. Thank you for your time and patience. Sometimes it hangs at that point. If it is obvious it got stuck you can restart (but don't get too impatient). Let us know how it goes when you have tried again tomorrow!
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