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  1. SandervG

    White, white or white?

    Hi All, I recently had a discussion with a colleague about the colors and filament architects prefer to print with. I think we agreed pretty quickly that PLA was probably the material of choice but we weren't so quick to agree on the use of color and this made me think 🤔 I am/was pretty convinced it was white and 99% white but I I figured, why not ask our architects and double check? The other station my train of thought took me to, was why this preference for white (if so.). Is there a universal preference for the clean and minimal appearance of the color white? Does the lack of color leave the stage open for structural design? I was thinking, it could also be that architects have always used white because that is what the material like foamboards often used for scale models was most available in. But perhaps.. when 3D printing is growing and becomes a more popular and widely used tool this could open up some inspirational doors and we may start seeing some more color to scale models. A dual or multi-colored model is easily made. What do you think? Do you see such a trend, or is it very unlikely to happen? Curious to hear your thoughts 🙂
  2. SandervG

    Some examples

    Hi @Florisvh , hope you are well! Earlier you said you were working on 3 scaled models for an architect. How did that work? 🙂 Curious to see any updates!
  3. SandervG


    Great project! It looks like the floor on your second photo is under extruded, is it not? You may want to try to make the top layers thicker so the infill doesn't shine through. Do you have an example of the blue print drawing you want to lay out on the floor? Sounds interesting!
  4. SandervG

    YouMagine covered in spam

    Is this the email you used as well? It has a typo in it (youimagine). But in a previous message where I informed about YouMagine having the responsibility to remove spam I also suggest to email to hello@youmagine.com instead of support. Did you try this too?
  5. SandervG

    Sexy girl

    And from a moderator point of view, you have a chosen a very dangerous and provoking title for your post sir 😉 Living dangerously 😉
  6. SandervG

    Sexy girl

    Nice, how did you apply the paint? I think the top actually looks pretty good as the way the pink is applied makes the shirt look a bit transparent. Did the print have any support material too?
  7. SandervG

    Ultimaker Forum | Feedback

    Thanks, I'll see if I can find anything why Firefox chooses to ignore the configuration. What do you mean it got worse, what got worse exactly? I just checked on Chrome (desktop & mobile) and it works as expected. It shows once, and after closing not again.
  8. SandervG

    Why is z height off by so much

    What about the X and Y dimensions, are they correct or off as well?
  9. Just going through this thread and saw you didn't get a reply yet here. But this limit of reactions has been changed to 'unlimited' since then 🙂
  10. SandervG

    Ultimaker Tough PLA

    Hi @mnis , thanks for the input! I don't think it is specifically named after Makerbot, but in the industry it is an acknowledged term for PLA with these characteristics. Besides MBI, you can find many vendors who have 'Tough PLA'. I suppose, because the name makes sense, more vendors have chosen this title. In this case, it is a good thing to share the same name because you know what you are getting as a user. There is a very clear difference between Tough PLA and HT-PLA, which probably also caused your problem with lack of adhesion; is the glass transition temperature. Tough PLA is very similar to regular PLA, while, I believe, HT-PLA is closer to ABS. Tough PLA actually adheres really, really well to the glass plate. Therefore we even recommend to add a thin layer of glue stick, for easier removal. You should expect no/minimal warping from Tough PLA 🙂 (as you would from regular PLA)
  11. SandervG

    What The DfAM?

    @geert_2, you mention a few examples how your design rules differ from Steve's. Steve was I think looking at strong models, but you say you print 100% solid so there can be no liquid inside but strength is not that important. What kind of models do you make usually? I didn't really get that from your post and would be helpful to put your tips in perspective I think. @geert_2 and @SteveCox3D , after reading these comments, especially Geert's alternative purpose for prints, I was thinking if it would make sense to divide this topic into 2 different threads. One with DfAM tips for strong models, and one for prints with higher surface quality, like Geerts. I don't mean to break up this conversation and I think we all could contribute on both, but I can imagine if a new person would be helped by this information, it would help if it would be kind of segmented and easier to find / recognizable. What do you think?
  12. SandervG

    For what purpose do you 3D print?

    Looks good! What scale are you working at? You may be interested (and find other interested architects) in this thread . Feel free to share some more photo's there 🙂
  13. SandervG

    What The DfAM?

    Knowing @geert_2 I think you might find this an interesting read and you may have an opinion about the thick vs thin layer question 🙂
  14. SandervG

    Ultimaker Tough PLA

    Hi @geert_2 , interesting question! Although this was not particularly researched in any of the tests, there is a suspicion from our material engineers that due to the additives in Tough PLA the crystallization over time will be less and therefore won't change that much over time.
  15. SandervG

    Ultimaker Forum | Feedback

    👍 Firefox still shows it on the homepage though, even after the configuration change? I usually use Chrome, and it works like intended here. Tested on Safari too, works as well as intended.

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