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  1. SandervG

    Ultimaker Tough PLA

    Usually you shouldn't. What type of print core are you using, and do you have a photo of the print? And congratulations on your S5 ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Good luck! Depending on the outcome, if there was debris in your feeder there is a small chance there could also be debris in your bowdentake a look at this guide This could also create extra friction and potentially cause under extrusion. If you still see some layers (hope not!) take a look at this guide on how to clean your bowden tube ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. SandervG

    Have you seen this before ?

    Hi BerndL, welcome to the forums, although I wish it was under different circumstances. It looks like your print got detached from the build plate during the print. What happens then is that it gets attached to the print head and gets dragged along its movement. Instead of new layers being deposited, all filament is being accumulated on the same spot and can form such a bulge. I would recommend to get in touch with your reseller. They should help you get your Ultimaker back in working condition. For future references, make sure your bed adhesion is sufficient. What do you usually do to level or clean your bed? Do you use any adhesives? Thank you, and good luck!
  4. SandervG

    X and Y-axis of the ultimaker

    zero point depends on the printer. The Ultimaker Original is front left, and others most have back left. The X direction is left-right, but I believe in different CAD tools it can also be different so that is not always consistent. (Isn't that because animation is in X and Z (left right, up down) because there is no real depth or something?)
  5. Usually, I would say you wouldn't need to clean it, but your print result indicates there may be something in your print core so in an attempt to fix it, cleaning the print core could be worth investigating. Depending on the outcome, could you for a test print turn of the filament flow sensor, see if that influences your print quality? And I don't think you mentioned it before, but did your filament grind at any time in the past? (That is when your feeder creates a C-shaped notch in your filament).
  6. SandervG

    Bed Leveling not working anymore

    Please let us know how it goes with your reseller and what the solution is. Thank you!
  7. SandervG

    X and Y-axis of the ultimaker

    Our print head can only move through x and y (so left-right and back-forth). Our build plate moves in z (so up-down). Our build plate is connected to a threaded axis, which pushes it up and down, this is pretty straightforward. The print head has 2 rods crossing through it. Each of these rods is connected to another axle which runs parallel to the frame. The fixture that holds these rods, is also connected to a belt. That belt is responsible for transferring movement it receives from a motor located somewhere else, and the axle that goes parallel to the frame functions only as a guide for direction. This video has some good shots of how it works. Feel free to browse around on our youtube channel for more video's and references.
  8. Perhaps you could take a look at these instructions on how to clean a print core, if you haven't already: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23132-clean-the-print-cores And which firmware version are you running? We're constantly improving the flow sensor algorithm and if you are not using the latest firmware, updating it could also solve your problem. Which firmware version you are running can be found under: Preferences > Settings > About this printer > firmware version
  9. SandervG

    Da Clumsy Noob Goes Batty

    We all bow in front of the creations of the madman๏ปฟ kman and his printers.
  10. So would I understand it correctly that you say on the areas where there is not enough Tough PLA, those layers were filled with PVA instead? So there was PVA where there should have been T PLA? I'm not asking specifically if you use Cura, but do you use the default fine-profile in Cura? Or have you changed settings in the custom settings tab? If you haven't tried it already, perhaps you could take a look at these instructions on how to clean a print core: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/23132-clean-the-print-cores
  11. Hi Abdu, it is indeed difficult to see on the photo. Is this also printed with .25 print core? Does it look like under extrusion, or does it look like the layer is misaligned? The arrow more or less points at the area where PVA stops. Is it usually around the same level? Is there PVA in that layer? Do you use a prime tower or anything like that? Do you use default Cura profile for .25 print core and Tough PLA? Sorry, lots of questions ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Hi Abdu, good to hear that it is mostly gone! Tough PLA is a really nice material to print with. Do you have a photo of these one or two layers? Do they happen at random, or at the same height always?
  13. Hi Abdu, at which settings are you printing? Since the 0.25 print core is so small, it is not recommended to print at a high layer resolution. This would mean the pressure/ flow rate would be too low. Speed is also an important factor. Have you tried the default print profiles first? Curious if you made any progress regarding the print quality.
  14. SandervG

    S5 Connection Options

    And, how did it go? ๐Ÿ™‚

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