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  1. Thanks, unfortunately the photo's (especially with the holes) could have a variety of reasons. Could you also share the Cura project file so we can look into all the settings you have?
  2. Great! I'm very happy to hear you found it useful. This is the best feedback we can receive. I'm sorry, perhaps I've grown blind to it. What would be the typo specifically? 🧐 Thanks!
  3. Hello, crossposting this here since it might be interesting for users following this category. We just published a podcast where industry experts and 3D printing experts talk about the Food & Beverage industry. It also features our own community expert SteveCox3D! You can find the episode here. It is episode 8 from an ongoing series covering a variety of subjects, you can find all of them here.
  4. Hi @samuidayone, thank you for your message and welcome to the community. If I understand it correctly you wish to basically halt a print, and resume with a different gcode (which contains of the same print job except 1 model). I don't believe that is possible right now. Perhaps someone knows a possible workaround?
  5. I discussed this yesterday with one of our product experts and we both felt that it might also be good to note that an offset of 0.15mm is not that bad. We can of course help to see if we can isolate a cause but we don't consider this as a strong underperformance. It is possible that the cause lies in a small difference in length between the belts in X or Y, or the spring inside the sliderblock could be of a slightly different tension. Have you checked/compared those during your initial maintenance? Did you also check if all your rods are firmly pressed and tight into the sliderblocks with no play on them? Did you ever cut any pieces of your bowden tubes? I'll pass your feedback along to our developers, it is good feedback. Thanks!
  6. WOW, congratulations, that is amazing!!
  7. Hi @SPD, could you also post some pictures of the prints you are getting out of your Ultimaker S5? That would probably help to identify some areas where you can improve. Thanks!
  8. Hi Eric, thank you for your message and welcome to the forums. If I understand it correctly all functions of the Ultimaker stopped except the display continued to think your print was still in progress? Did you try to print the same file again? Perhaps a clue is in your logfiles. Can you share them with me? 1. Insert the USB stick into the port on the front of your printer. 2. Perform the following menu sequence: System --> Maintenance --> Diagnostics --> Dump Files to USB.
  9. Ok, in the end you have to chose what works best for you. If that is the previous version, then you should roll back to that one. We're keeping an eye out for more feedback so we can investigate if this became an issue for more users, where it wasn't before. I agree, but regardless it was pretty consistent feedback that we've received.
  10. Hello, lol, yes obviously it would not be 15mm. That would be ludicrous. I read it correct but I typed it too quickly without giving it much thought. My apologies if I don't understand you correctly, but by saying 'The ovality encompasses both X and Y to almost equal degree (i.e. both axis combining to give ovality).' the 'equally' part makes me think the offset is on both axis and that you might talking about a 'normal' dimensional inaccuracy, not 1 axis more than the other. I think when you print a square, it might also be around 0.15mm? As you probably know most machines can't operate at a 100% 0,0mm level of accuracy. The same goes for Ultimaker. Especially since working with thermoplastics which get extruded under pressure and which shrink when they cool down there is likely always a small offset. Unfortunately it is not possible to calibrate the motors, but perhaps Cura has a few options. Have you ever looked into the setting of horizontal expansion? When set to negative it could compensate for the 0,15mm.
  11. Hi @Sketch, thank you for your message and welcome to the community! Would it be possible to share a photo of your print? About your ovality, you say that it is 15mm. Is it always 15mm off in a certain direction, or a percentage? If one direction is 15mm off, is the other direction dimensionally accurate or just ~15mm less inaccurate? Is your Ultimaker stable on its feet, no corners lifted from the surface it is on? Have you ever had any other issues with the Ultimaker that you resolved, or anything else that may not be as it was out of the box? Thank you,
  12. A lot of good advice here. Perhaps a summary would be helpful. If your bowden tube pops out of the collet do the following: - Push down the collet and pull out the bowden tube. See if there are any significant scrape marks on the sides. - Remove the collet from the socket and inspect the insides. Do you see 4 equal (small) blades in there? If the collet does not 4 equal blades you should contact your reseller for a replacement. If your bowden tube has significant scratches on its surface and your collet still has 4 blades, then you can try to cut off ~4mm of the bowden tube so the blades can grip a new and fresh part. Keep in mind: - Do not do this too often. When a bowden tube gets too short there will be other problems concerning the filament passing inside. - If you decide to cut it, cut it straight. If the bottom is not flat there can also be extrusion issues over time where the filament can expand due to heat and pressure in that small area where it is not touching. It is not a bad idea to replace them once a year or so to ensure all is in good condition. Check out the maintenance schedule for your printer for more information on this topic.
  13. The project file you can save from Cura and the log files are under preferences; maintenance; save logs to USB. (or something down those lines)
  14. @aine_me, could you share your project file from Cura and the log files from your Ultimaker so we can have a look at those records and know exactly what your configuration is? Thanks! If you don't wish for them to be public, you can also send them to me in a DM.
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