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  1. SandervG

    UM S5 ER35

    Hi @Padey, sorry to hear you seem to have some issues with your Ultimaker S5. Have you already visited the page and followed the instructions?
  2. SandervG

    Ultimaker S5 steppers getting very hot

    Hi @VigneshA, Happy to hear it is printing alright. Normal operating temperature of the stepper motor should be 50ºC. The Gyro is a rather complex print where all motors have to work hard so 70ºC is possible. But they should not get warmer than 80ºC. So I would say it is nothing to worry about.
  3. SandervG

    Another take on ringing

    Did you already get some models to test your mod on? 🙂 Can you say a little bit more about what you're thinking off? I'm curious!
  4. In case you missed it, Ultimaker Cura 3.5 | Beta is now available for download! You can read more about it here 🙂
  5. SandervG


    Most likely there has never been an internet connection with your Ultimaker. If it can connect to the Internet it will set the date and time correctly. When it has adjusted, you don't need to keep it connected though, you can continue using your local network.
  6. SandervG

    Welke soorten filament?

    Op deze site kun je wat meer informatie vinden: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/49799-material-compatibility Zoals je kan zien, zonder heated bed is PLA het beste materiaal om te gebruiken. Voor andere materialen, heb je een verwarmd bed nodig voor extra adhesion of om warping tegen te gaan, zoals bijv bij ABS. Met heated bed, zou je de volgende materialen kunnen proberen: Tough PLA, ABS, Nylon, CPE, CPE+ & PC. Voor sommige materialen, zoals ABS, zou je misschien willen overwegen om bijv de zijkanten ook dicht te maken om meer warmte binnen te houden en daarmee warming en delaminatie te minimaliseren.
  7. SandervG

    Modern Church Exterior Designs Ideas

    Hi @3dyantramstudio, can you elaborate what this has to do with 3D printing? I don't see the connection yet. Thank you!
  8. Ultimaker Cura 3.5 | Beta is about to be released and we can't wait for you to try it out and let us know what you think. We've worked hard to pack it with new features, stability improvements and fixes. So, what is it you can expect from us? Before we dive into this, an important note: We’ve thoroughly tested this beta version, which offers great functionality and improved features. However, it’s still in the beta stage, which means we can’t guarantee the same print reliability as our stable versions. If you’re working on an important project, we strongly recommend that you use the latest stable version of Ultimaker Cura. Slicing enhancements. - Prime tower. The prime tower has been improved for reliability. Instead of altering layers of two different materials, Prime towers are now printed inside each other rather than alternating per layer, and the outer walls will function like a purge bin for the inner shell. - Support infill line direction. It's now possible to change the direction of infill support lines. In the settings you can change the degree and the infill will change accordingly. This should reduce the amount of artifacts you may see on your model and increase its capability as support. - Initial layer support line. You can now increase (or reduce if you would want to), the density of the first support layer, generating better adhesion to the build plate and overall strength. User experience. - The File menu received some modifications and you probably will experience some changes. 'Save' now saves as a project automatically, and 'Expert' saves other file types. .Curaproject extensions are no longer used. From this beta version on, these will be replaced by 3MF extensions. No worries, it can still read old .curaprojects you may still use. - Material favorites. It's now possible to mark certain materials as your favorite. This means they are more accessible and easier to use, enhancing your user experience. - Cura Connect monitor page. By optimizing this menu you should have to toggle less between the interfaces. Bug fixes. We’ve fixed a lot of issues in this release, including better temperature stability by removing excess M109 commands in GCODE, bugs with modifier meshes, removing unnecessary travel moves, and a consistent order for batch-printed models. As always we have received incredibly valuable input from @smartavionics , @bagel-orb , @ahoeben and MarmaladeForMeat. Gotten curious? Go ahead and download Ultimaker Cura 3.5 | Beta via this link. Care to read our blog first? Check it out here!
  9. Je zou eens kunnen kijken bij Shape generators > Featured > Custom Font Text.
  10. SandervG

    Welke soorten filament?

    @PeerKaan en @peggyb, het is wellicht ook afhankelijk of je een heated bed hebt of niet. Zo ja, dan is het heel makkelijk. Als je geen heated bed hebt, beperkt dit het aantal filament wat je zonder al te veel problemen kunt printen toch wel iets.
  11. SandervG

    experience with printing in PVC?

    I would recommend to check out 3DSolex. @gr5 probably has experience with his stainless steel nozzle?
  12. SandervG

    Tracing the origins of an Ultimaker printer

    If there is a need and people can provide, who am I to resist 🙂
  13. SandervG

    Ultimaker s5 no WiFi option in menu

    Oh ok, sounds like heavy measurements. I overheard that in the past sometimes modules were removed, but didn't know it was for that reason. Out of curiosity, does it mean almost no devices have wifi? Or are just certain frequencies / Ghz not allowed?
  14. SandervG

    Round Drawing Helical on Cura?

    I was about to suggest the same, that is probably it. Good luck and let me know how you fixed it exactly 🙂 Might be helpful for others too!
  15. SandervG

    Tracing the origins of an Ultimaker printer

    Hi @JohnInOttawa , I am not aware of such a list of Ultimaker machines, so I can't help you with that. If you have a SN, I can verify if it is real or not, but I suppose that would only tell you if it is a true Ultimaker or a clone. We've had a break-in few years ago, but IIRC only UM2's were stolen back then (and from those we did have a list).

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