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  1. That is correct, in the sense that more profiles will be added and will be automatically selected based on your print material. The Air manager has more affects than just filtering air. It is also keeping dust out, and heat in. The heat that it keeps in also benefit some materials, but not when it is too much. That is why with PLA the fan runs faster, because PLA needs less heat in the build volume. So the fan needs to work harder to get that out and maintain a correct temperature. Hope this helps!
  2. It is open loop, but it doesn't just guess an air speed. It measures ambient temperature, and it retrieves build plate temperature and material specific values from Cura. How would it prioritize air movement over temperature? By moving the air you control the temperature too.
  3. Thank you for your reply. I wasn't sure if that is what you meant, thank you for clarifying. Happy to hear that you got it back up and running with the Air Manager, albeit with some changed values. (For my feedback to the testing teams; can you share with me (possibly via DM) with what filament and what profile settings you are printing with? Do you use any other adhesive?)
  4. To be specific, the fan turns on when either the build plate or the print cores go above 50ºC. This is because at that point filament can start to emit UFP, which the Air Manager is suppose to catch. If everything is at room temperature, it should not be running. Some more context; the desired fan speed is being calculated by a formula of different values. At the beginning of a print the Air manager measures the ambient temperature, it knows the set build plate temperature and which build volume temperature should be ideal for a specific material. Consequently it knows which fan speed is necessary. The existing firmware uses a more sensitive table where it switches to 100% most of the times, partially to not let too much heat build up. In the near future it will be dialed down to more accurate values through updates. Which could mean (to give you an idea) that during a print it would run at 40% for example. @Gabriele, we've tested with several materials and profiles and we didn't notice any decrease in adhesion. Can you share with me (can also be via DM) what material you are printing with and with what profile? Do you use any adhesives? Anything else relevant? Like Robinmdh says; the hot plate warning is a new safety warning. It is a live registration of the temperature of your build plate. When the build plate reaches 60ºC it will start to show. So perhaps with or without the Air Manager just pushed it above the 60ºC. It is possible that the fan will work without a filter. In the future it's likely that a warning will be included, but because it is also possible to connect the Air Manager to an external ventilation/exhaust system this is a possibility we aim to keep open. @zungara, I will take a look at your log file and let you know if anything stands out. I am not sure if user @Roli4711 was implying that the Air Manager was altering values in his printing profiles, but this should not be possible. It can read it, and it should process it to set the right fan speed. But right now the formula is set to run rather a bit too fast than too slow, to catch all particles and keep too much heat out. Hopefully this has answered most of your questions. Please let me know if there is anything else we can help with.
  5. Hi, we can do that if you feel you want to go that route. I'll provide you with instructions on how to do it in a few moments. Thank you for your time and patience!
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know we're looking into the reports and will get back with you throughout the day.
  7. Hi Kotsoym, Thank you for forwarding. Let me verify the sound with our product experts. It is a little bit difficult to tell with some environment noise in the background, hood being open and depending how close the mic of your phone is. If it is not right in front of it, it doesn't sound too loud to me. Regarding peak_performance, this is an indicator of the quality of your filter. Peak performance means it is in best condition. A filter lasts for 1500h. At that point, the indicator 'peak performance' will change in something different. The Air Manager will have different settings. In this firmware release it has 1 setting, which is 100%. That means you at least will be able to start using it. In the near future, different options will be added, but I don't think they are for the user to set. The Air manager will know which material you are printing with and which fan speed belongs to this material and will switch to that speed automatically.
  8. Hi @zungara, can you send me a recording via DM or email of the sound it is making? Can you also include some detailed pictures of how it is installed? Thanks!
  9. Can you give us some more information? Do you know which firmware you were on, and which firmware you updated to? In the menu on the display of your Ultimaker S5, it should say; Air Manager >> Installed. Does it say so? Otherwise it may not be installed correctly.
  10. Hi, allow me to write the same reply here as I wrote elsewhere. Starflashbully already knows it, but just so everyone is up to date: Thank you for your time and patience on this subject. We released a new firmware today for the Ultimaker S5 and the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. This means that if you already own an Ultimaker Pro Bundle, you will be able to start using it. If you ordered one, but haven't received it yet, it means it is going to be shipped to you. Practical information; If you already owned an Ultimaker S5 and it's running on old firmware, such as 5.0.X or 5.1.X, it must be updated via the stepping stone version. This is not new information, but I figured it's worth stressing again. Specific instructions on how to update your machine, and the files you need, can be found on this page: https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52601-update-the-ultimaker-s5-firmware
  11. Hi Kotsoym, thank you for your message. Can you elaborate on what you mean peak_performance? Are implying it is filtering out the heat through the fan, or diverting power from the heated bed to the air manager, given the description 'peak_performance'? Thanks! by the way, there are no specific features or functions available. The Air Manager knows what it is suppose to do.
  12. Bedankt voor je reactie. Ik zal je zo een direct message sturen met wat instructies hoe je mogelijk je printer weer aan de praat kunt krijgen.
  13. Hallo, bedankt voor je bericht. Vervelend om te horen dat je onmiddelijk begint met een probleem. Laten we kijken of we kunnen helpen! Kun je omschrijven waarom de update niet lukte via USB? Weet je toevallig nog welke firmware op de Ultimaker S3 stond voor je deze wilde updaten? En tot slotte, hoelang wacht je ongeveer nadat je hem aanzet? Het kan even duren soms, wellicht extra na een firmware update. bedankt!
  14. Hi, there is not much I can say about the delivery schedule of individual resellers. This depends on their own speed, how much orders they have and how many they have ordered and received in order to accommodate. Possibly even other factors. But I can imagine that their delay into the second week of Feb was made without the knowledge of a new firmware being released today. Perhaps that changes something. Maybe it won't, but that is a conversation you need to have with your reseller. I/we have no insights in those specifics. Hope this helps, good luck!
  15. Hi, yes! If they don't have any in stock already they will receive more/new in order to provide their customers.
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