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  1. speed:80 temp:225 material:PLA layer height:0.27
  2. I take photo like this: How to fix it ?
  3. the print x mirror also,my configuration like this:
  4. tks,I edit Invert axis:xyz selected,but the print x mirror also.
  5. Hi all, I use the cura software,and print the model x axes mirror.My printer use Marlin and xyz axes is: How to fix it?
  6. what's the #define DEFAULT_XYJERK and #define DEFAULT_ZJERK meaning in the marlin configuration.h line:470? #define DEFAULT_XYJERK 20.0 // (mm/sec) #define DEFAULT_ZJERK 0.4 // (mm/sec) #define DEFAULT_EJERK 5.0 // (mm/sec)
  7. The Cura14.7 model size refresh bug. I try to debug like this: First,load a stl file to cura,the model default size:30*30*30mm Second,select model in view,and scale the model,the model size in box two not equal to the box one value. I think the box two was not update,like this: how can I fix it?
  8. How can I fix the progressbar position? when I load a STL file to cura,the button display like this: how can i fix it?
  9. tks Daid, now the button display ok,but when load a STL file to cura,the button display like this: how can i fix it?
  10. How to make the sceneView down a bit more when start Cura? the view like this: I try to do this: edit:sceneView.py found the function _init3DView,but how can i fix it?
  11. oh...4*16 is a power of 2. and i edit the ty = float(int(texID / 4)) / 16 tsy = 0.0625 but the button display white box also
  12. update: I try to update texture size like this: when i debug that,the button display like this The function button display the white box.how can i fix it?
  13. tks Daid, when I keep it at a power of 2,so how can I update the code if I want to append array as 4*10?
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